The public have gotten their hands on Apple Vision Pro — here are the most viral videos and memes so far

Apple Vision Pro in public
(Image credit: Casey Neistat)

A hotly anticipated device, Apple Vision Pro has finally launched, and that excitement has gotten the better of some users who have used it in very strange ways.

Apple’s first foray into ‘spatial computing,’ Apple Vision Pro, can be used to mirror your Mac on a massive screen, watch 3D movies, relive memories with spatial video, and even call family members as a 3D version of yourself. Designed to wear around the house, it fits into the Apple ecosystem with support for tons of apps. However, when users started to parade it around in public, it resulted in some spectacularly bizarre moments. 

The Clips

More than 70 million people have seen this viral clip of Nikias Molina using Apple Vision Pro on the NYC subway

From one impractical use in public to another, a user was spotted using Apple Vision Pro whilst driving their Tesla Cybertruck. Given the confined space of the truck and the user's erratic hand movements, it seems highly probable that this scenario is indeed fake. 

This Simpsons clip from almost a decade ago feels oddly real now.

For some strange reason, this creator decided to put on the headset while punching the air in a park. Hopefully, the passthrough is good enough to avoid accidentally hitting a stranger. 

Filmmaker, Casey Neistat managed to get his hands on Apple’s headset, calling it “the single greatest piece of tech” he had ever used. 

Elsewhere, Mike from VR Oasis imagines a world where Android users are blocked out from Apple Vision Pro owners

Perhaps the strangest application of Apple’s headset so far is a clip from a Celtics’ basketball game. None of the Apple Vision Pro spatial games give users the ability to throw a basketball yet, so this seems just to be sheer excitement at watching the game. The Celtics went on to win that game, so maybe the joy was warranted. 

VR YouTuber BMFVR  tested out his new Apple Vision Pro by using it to shop for groceries, and it seems oddly tedious. 

In Canoopsy’s video wearing Apple Vision Pro for 24 hours, he walked along a beach, traveled through a city, and even visited a buffet. 

In a similar vein, Ray Wong, the deputy editor of tech reviews and guides at Inverse ate lunch while in the headset. 

This funny but very fake video of an Apple Vision Pro user seamlessly moving from their Cybertruck to Apple’s headset has made some say bullying is ‘okay sometimes.’

Not every strange application of Apple Vision Pro happened outside this weekend, as a brand new app allows you to physically tour homes they have for sale. As well as this, a rather great piano app lets you visualize the keys as you play a real-life piano. 

If Apple Vision Pro’s launch is already this weird, it’s sure only to get stranger as more people get their hands on the headset. 

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