This powerful Weather app for Vision Pro will save you from looking out of the window to check — Seasons boasts 34 immersive conditions thanks to spatial computing

Seasons Vision Pro app
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Now that developers can submit their apps to the Vision Pro App Store in the lead-up to the headset’s launch on February 2, one app looks to take the Weather category by storm already.

Developed by Cosmo, Seasons shows you the weather in your Vision Pro headset, so that you don’t have to take it off and go outside. In a post on X, its developers posted a video of snow covering your vision inside the headset, giving you a visual representation of the weather near you.

The post goes on to state that Seasons will be free to download when it launches on February 2 — and will come with 34 weather conditions to begin with, but doesn't describe what all of these are just yet.

The app looks fantastic, but it makes us wonder where Apple’s Weather app is for the headset.

Where’s the Weather app? — iMore’s take

Weather app on iOS 16 and macOS Ventura

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Apple’s redesigned Weather app first arrived in iOS 14 in 2020, and I love using it. There are weather animations that match up with how the conditions are in my area, and it offers much greater detail by giving you maps for precipitation and temperature — it's an app I still use every day.

Since then, the app has moved over to iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, and I've been using it on all of these platforms too. So imagine my bewilderment when there was no mention of the Weather app coming to Vision Pro.

Getting the animations that I’ve repeatedly seen on my iPad and iPhone would be a natural fit for visionOS — especially as Apple has been showing off an Environments feature. The Environments feature covers your vision and transports you to a different location — such as Yosemite Park and Joshua Tree.

This would be perfect for Weather — rain and snow could cover your vision as you work away in different apps, making for a more immersive experience. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not to be for now. Instead, Seasons is taking Apple’s place as the go-to Weather app for now, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it works when it’s made available on February 2.

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  • simonmann
    Hate looking out of the window, such an inconvienience. Having a £4000 headset on my face will save me from this truma.
  • fyrfyter
    That means the app will still be wrong 50% of the time. Such a waste. Someone build an actual radar app. That would be something worthwhile to have!