VisionOS 1.1 beta 4 update brings your digital objects closer to your face and fixes loads of bugs

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The latest beta software update for visionOS is here and, while there aren’t any noteworthy new features, there are some improvements to use that make user experience of the mixed-reality headset much better.

Between the normal crash and bug fixes, Apple has made it easier to reposition windows in virtual space, and allowed for the management of Vision Pro headsets by IT teams in business or schools.

What’s new in beta 4?

In the new features tab of Apple’s release notes, it says “Near-user boundary for volumetric scenes have been modified. Users will now be able to reposition volumetric scenes much closer than before, which will enable easier direct interaction with the volumetric scene content.” That means you can bring your windows and apps closer to you, making them easier to use within the virtual world of the headset.

The rest of the notes are mostly about bug fixing, with no new features to speak of.

While not a new element of the beta, the latest visionOS will give device management options to IT teams at schools and businesses that have a fleet of devices for students or employees. This is thanks to support for iMessage Contact Key Verification, a feature that’s included in all the best iPhones, Macs, and iPads.

When’s the full release coming?

At the moment, there’s no news on the full release of visionOS 1.1. With iOS, there can be anywhere from 5-8 betas before full release — so we could be anywhere from close to a few betas away. If you want to get a taste for what the next version of Apple’s latest piece of software brings then you can sign up for the Beta, although you’ll need a developer account.

If you have a developer account, then you can install the Beta by heading to the settings menu and selecting Software Update. From there you can tick the ‘developer beta’ switch, try out the latest features in visionOS 1.1, and see if bringing screens closer to you really does help their useability in any way.

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