The Walking Dead: Our World: Everything you need to know!

The Walking Dead is a massively popular TV show that's already at eight seasons and counting, and its the latest franchise to try and get in on that Pokémon GO craze with The Walking Dead: Our World.

Much like Pokémon GO, you'll have to walk around your neighborhood, town, or city to complete certain objectives and battle it out with walkers. Eager to learn more? Here's everything we know so far!

How to play

The exact details of gameplay aren't completely clear right now, but based on the trailers that have been released, and the appearance the game has made at conventions over the past six months, there are a few key pieces of gameplay information.

First and foremost, you'll have to fight off walkers (AKA Zombies) in AR, meaning you'll be able to see and interact with the walkers in your environment through your phone's camera.

From the trailer, a big part of the game looks to involve exploring the world around you to find key points in the game map. What exactly you'll find in The Walking Dead: Our World remains to be seen; however, you can bet it will involve a lot of the living dead.

Lastly, it seems that not only will some characters from the TV series be making an appearance in the game, you'll also be able to find items and weapons you see in the TV show, The trailer seems to indicated that weapons and characters can be leveled up in some capacity, so there's most likely some sort of element advancement as well.

Will it be free?

Officially, there's been no word; however, I would be very surprised if there was a cost to download the game. The game will most likely have micro-transactions in the form of in-app purchases, for important items and other things that will enable you to progress in the game. Much like how you buy potions or egg incubators in Pokemon GO.

When will it be out?

No official release date has been announced, but the game is in soft launch in some markets (The Philippines and Australia), so I would expect the game to start being available sooner rather than later.

Can I get notifications?

If you're dying to know as soon as the game comes out in your region, you can head over to the official website for the game and sign up for email notifications!

Luke Filipowicz
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