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What you need to know

  • Warp Drive is a new game coming this Friday.
  • The game is an arcade racer with a "completely new, never-before-seen mechanic."

Apple Arcade is adding another arcade racer to the collection this coming Friday, with Warp Drive by UK developer Supergonk set to be released. The game will be free to all Apple Arcade subscribers, of course.

Gamers will be able to race around numerous tracks but Warp Drive has a trick up its sleeve – games can warp from one point to another to try and get an advantage over their competition!

Warp Drive introduces a completely new, never-before-seen mechanic to the core of the racing experience: teleporting around the track (called "warping") to reach different areas! This new warp mechanic is fundamental to the way the game operates, allowing players to easily jump enormous gaps, drive on the ceiling, and overtake their opponents in unexpected ways! The best players will use creativity as they drive to plan the perfect route, optimising their shortcut selection and chaining together pickups to be the fastest!

Gamers will take control of a quad rotor racer as they compete in tournaments – some of which include driving on the ceiling and racing up waterfalls. Tinkerers can also upgrade their vehicle between races, too.

Throw in the gorgeous art style and Warp Drive is already looking like it's going to be another Apple Arcade winner. You'll be able to download it from the App Store this Friday – so long as you have an Apple Arcade or Apple One subscription, of course.

Game on!

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