WaterField Designs introduces two new minimal wallets as part of its new Wallet Month

WaterField Designs, known for their durable and stylish bags and other accessories (such as the Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch), has announced Wallet Month, the result of a two-month crowdsourced design project. As part of the first week of Wallet Month, the company is announcing a pair of minimal wallets, the Minemo and the Clyff. The Minemo is being formally announced now, while, the Clyff will officially debut on Friday, March 5.

The Minemo, as its name suggests, is a minimal wallet for cash and credit cards. Made from either leather or canvas, this wallet has an easy-access card slot on the front for your frequently-used cards, while inside are two more slots that together can hold about eight cards. There's also space for folded cash. The wallet starts at $49 for the Forest Brown, Heritage Blue, and Stone Red canvas models, while the black, blue, and dark brown leather versions cost $59. For an additional $10 on either type of Minemo, you can add RFID protection, preventing people from RFID skimming your cards.

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WaterField's other minimal wallet is the Clyff. Even compared to the Minemo, the Clyff is tiny. A bare-bones wallet, the Clyff has a slim pocket on either side, which can each hold up to three cards, while the center pouch can be used for more cards, some folded bills, or even some spare change. The Clyff is available only in leather, with blue, brown, and black color options, and will cost you $39.

The Minemo and the Clyff are just the beginning of WaterField Designs' Wallet Month. Each week for the month of March, the company will unveil two new wallets fitting a particular theme. The first week was Minimalist, while Week 2 focuses on standard wallets, Week 3 on specialty wallets, and Week 4 will see WaterField's existing wallets get a refresh.

For now, you can check out the new minimalist Minemo and Clyff Wallets at WaterField Designs. You can pre-order them now, with shipping on both starting on Tuesday, March 12.

The minimal life

WaterField Minemo

A minimalist wallet that should carry most of what you need.

One of WaterField Designs' new minimalist wallets, the Minemo features space for some cash and several of your favorite cards, including a quick access pouch on the front of the wallet for the cards you use the most. Comes in leather or canvas, and features optional RFID skimming protection.

Minimum viable wallet

WaterField Clyff

Bare-bones wallet for your most essential cards.

The Clyff offers minimalists the bare minimum of what a wallet can be. Can hold up to three cards in each of its two slots, while the central pouch offers room for more cards, some cash, or even coins.

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