Which Apple Watch color should you get?

Apple watch SE, Series 9, Ultra 2
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Apple Watch is the first significant tech product to blur the lines with fashion, but this distinction comes with one of life's toughest questions: what color Apple Watch should I get? That's because watches have never just been about telling time; they've been about making a statement with colors, materials, and of course, with the best Apple Watch bands. So if you are questioning which Apple Watch color should you get, here's a look at all of the different finishes available for the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

iMore Contributor Karen S. Freeman
Karen S. Freeman

I've been writing about Apple since 2010 with a year-long break to work at the Apple Store, where I answered the question, "What color Apple Watch should I get?" many times. Personally, I've owned three silver stainless steel Apple Watches so far: the original "Series 0", Series 3, and Series 6. While I find many other Apple Watch colors quite appealing, the shiny silver version is the one that suits my wardrobe and my style the best. 

What color Apple Watch should I get? Your options:

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What about the Apple Watch SE?

The Apple Watch SE comes in three colors also seen in the Apple Watch Series 8 aluminum lineup: silver, starlight, and midnight. 

Still wondering, "What color Apple Watch should I get?"

You'll want to take into account your existing wardrobe, your band selection/collection, functionality, and your budget.

Your wardrobe will give you some clues

Take a look at your wardrobe. If you tend toward silver jewelry and cooler tones in your clothing, you might find the silver stainless steel and silver aluminum your best option. However, if you wear more gold jewelry and warmer tones in your clothing, consider the gold stainless steel or starlight aluminum. The Apple Watch Ultra is titanium, but it's more gold-toned than silver. If you wear a lot of black and other dark shades, you might like the Hermés space gray, graphite stainless steel, or midnight aluminum Apple Watch models. If your style is more colorful, the (PRODUCT)RED or pink models are worth checking out.

Your bands matter

When you purchase your Apple Watch, you get to choose which band you'd like with it. You may have a particular band in mind, in which case, pick the watch that goes best with that band. If this isn't your first Apple Watch, you may have a collection of bands already. In that case, see which Apple Watch color goes best with the majority of your bands.


The added functionality of Apple Watch Ultra is probably what draws you to it, but hey, if it's just for the champagne-colored titanium, you do you. It is is certainly a good-looking color.


Not every color is available at every price point, so keep that in mind as you choose. If you're looking at the budget model Apple Watch SE, you're going to be limited to three color options: midnight, starlight, and silver. If you go for the Apple Watch Series 8 in the more budget-friendly aluminum, you can add (PRODUCT)RED and pink to your options. You'll have to pay more for the shiny stainless steel gold, silver, and graphite or titanium Apple Watch Ultra. If you want that dark space black shine, ultra-pricey Hermés is the only way.

Karen S Freeman

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