What happened to the quick Tweet and Facebook post buttons on Control Center in iOS 7?

With iOS 6, Notification Center had two quick button actions, tweet and post to Facebook, that could be reached from anywhere on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with the downward swipe of a finger. Now, in iOS 7, they're gone. Disappeared. Taken out back and shuttered. So where did they go, and how can you quickly tweet or post to Facebook now, on iOS 7?

Short answer, they got obliterated. Not moved. Not hidden. Obliterated. The truth is, they never fit into Notification Center, because they're not notifications. They're actions. They were out of context. However, the brand new Control Center seems to exist to take on just exactly those jobs. Quick access to Settings, quick access to apps, why not quick access to tweeting and posting to Facebook?

Apple, in their infinitely looped wisdom, however, hasn't seen fit to include them there. Maybe they will in a future update, maybe they've decided those quick actions just weren't right and we won't ever see them again. In the meantime, if you loved the iOS 6 quick action tweet and Facebook post buttons, you're in for a huge disappointment. They are no more.

What happened to the quick Tweet and Facebook post buttons on Control Center in iOS 7?

One alternative is to use Siri, which can now post to both Twitter and Facebook. Simply say "Post to Facebook" or "post to Twitter" and then dictate what you want to say. It's incredibly fast and convenient... if you're in a situation where you can talk out loud to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

If not, the alternatives aren't anywhere nearly as quick or convenient. You can use the Twitter and Facebook app, one or a third-party alternative Twitter apps like Tweetbot or Twitterrific. They're nowhere nearly as always-accessible as Notification Center, nor are they as single-purpose or streamlined as the quick action buttons, but they still exist.

You can also use the tweet or Facebook post action in the Share Sheets in most apps to quickly send out a message, but the catch is you have to share something to do it, and you're not always going to want to do that.

In a perfect world Apple would include them in Control Center, or a similar mechanism, and enhance them with actionable notifications so we can reply and reset within apps as well, making even more of our actions quick. Sadly, we don't live in that world yet. Strangely, the upcoming OS X Mavericks not only retains the quick action tweet and Facebook post buttons in Notification Center, but actionable notifications as well. And it's not even mobile, where those features are inarguably more urgently needed.

So, no good answers, but if you used and relied on the old quick actions button, feel free to vent in the comments, and if you come up with any brilliant work arounds, let me know!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Ha! I actually just added a status about this to Facebook, I actually used the quick post a lot for Facebook and Twitter, I'm sad to see them gone. Sent from the iMore App
  • Use Siri to post a status on Twitter and Facebook good luck
  • Surely they're expecting you to use Siri instead. Which by the way seems much faster now. Sent from the iMore App
  • Surely Apple expect you to use Siri now. Which seems faster by the way. Sent from the iMore App
  • Never used 'em... I'm glad they're gone. :)
  • Well, they were easy to remove if you didn't use them. But, alas, they are gone. Siri it is, which, while faster? Not always as convenient, and definitely not as discrete. No more quick "if you could see the woman in front of me at Target..." Type tweets/posts for me. ;) Sent from the iMore App
  • "Siri, send a tweet." Problem solved. It's how I've been doing it since Siri was given the ability.
  • Siri doesn't work for us Scots!!!
  • It's all about Siri and what features Apple can push her way. I've been trying to use her more in iOS 7 but it's slow going to get 100%....
  • Siri, "update my Facebook status." Siri "ok I have updated your Facebook status. " Sent from the iMore App
  • Has any of your friends seen your post though? As I did that and it shows on my Facebook as only me (So nobody can see that particular post)
  • yes - not necessarily as reliable or directly analogous to the buttons, but I agree it's a push toward Siri. Sent from the iMore App
  • Use Everypost. Awesome app!
  • the problem with using siri to tweet is that i haven't been able to figure out how to tell siri which twitter account to use to tweet from! i have a few set up in iOS.
  • if you don't feel like I
    using Siri to do it (which I don't since I don't want people around me listening to my tweets, etc) you can use an app called Drafts to quick post to lots of networks. I put it on my dock, tap, type, and tap where I want it to go.
  • What he said.
  • I like how alot of ppl are saying the problem is solved by siri, next time you're in a noisy environment and want to tweet or FB something, come back and let us know how that works out for you. Seems like a weird oversight by apple considering they put the flashlight and timer in the control center, easily could have put a 'share' selector there to chose either FB or twitter.
  • *sigh* they dropped the ball on this one
  • What about weather? My notifications center has no weather! Sent from the iMore App
  • Make sure it is turned on in location services.
  • Loke2112, I have my Weather enabled under my Privacy, Location Services. Still don't see it in my notification tray.
  • Oh nevermind, I see it under calendar. that's still not the same as it was before. much better to have it how it was previously.
  • I can think of one solution, but I'd better not mention the OS that actually lets you choose just how you want to use it... Siri is not a solution, since talking to your phone in public is obnoxious, and getting it to hear and understand you perfectly including punctuation is very hit or miss. Why do people talk about Siri as if it is a real female human?
  • I changed mine to the guy as I no longer wish to have a woman tell me how to drive.
  • I used the quick tweet all the time. So much easier than loading an app and typing it out. Apple should've put it in the bottom corner on the NC or something. Or a swiping feature or triple click on the home screen. There are plenty of options.
  • Agreed
  • Another peculiar missing item is the weather widget. This had much much more use than the Stock widget
  • Again, check location services. Turn it on!
  • YEA I deem that stock widget as a useless app for someone who doesn't even look at it .
  • Actually you can still update status kinda like quick post ! Go to safari and then you see a arrow button click that and you will find it . I figured it out myself ! :)
  • I added the Drafts app to my task bar. You can Tweet and FB pretty quick from there.
  • With each new version of iOS,we've seen Scott Forstall coming with a new App:Siri,Reminders,PassBook,Plans..Now that iOS 7 is out,i miss him
  • With each new version of iOS,we've seen Scott Forstall coming with a new App:Siri,Reminders,PassBook,Plans..Now that iOS 7 is out,i miss him
  • We too think this is a crazy omission, but our app may be the best thing to a solution, we created an app for quick "tap and type" updating of Twitter, Facebook or both at the same time. Our app is DoublePost and if you add it to your dock it's only a home button away. Has some other nice features too for post formatting on each service. You can find it on the App Store. Apologies in advance if this is seen as advertising, but we feel it does offer you readers another possible solution to updating social networks now that the share buttons are gone.
  • Ugh! So bummed! The weather, twitter, and Facebook actions were three of the biggest things I used the notification center for. Talk about a disappointment. They were easy to turn off in OS 6 they should have just left it the way it was.
  • The weird thing is that in the Sound settings in iPhone 4 iOS 7 (I dunno about others) there are still settings for Tweet and Facebook Post sounds...what are they for if there is no longer widgets?
  • Not sure about twitter but you can text an update to Facebook
  • how ?? can you please explain Thanks :)
  • You can you use Twitter through SMS by adding your phone number through your Twitter account. I've always used it and don't know why more people do. You can text a tweet and it can send you texts from people you specifically follow via mobile etc. It's useful if you follow a lot of people and want to keep up with specific people. You can set times where you don't want to receive texts also.
    I did really love to quick Tweet it though. Will be missing that and the weather bar.
  • There's still room in Control Centre for them to be included, as Control Centre only uses about 80% of the screen real estate, so they may still return.
    The other reason could be that it they were Forstall initiatives, and were thrown out during the de-Forstall-ing process.
  • YEAH !! I got so disappointed when I found out that these action buttons were gone !! It's so user friendly . I hope that they will put these back in . I mean , how can they not do that when Mavericks are going to retain it and even improve it ?
  • Yeah I'm also feeling the loss of "Tap to Tweet/Post" (both). I've already filed feedback at https://www.apple.com/feedback/#mn_p and hope that Apple listens to us & brings it back. This social integration with iOS was really a small, but very sweet time efficient convenience; and it was implemented so elegantly, in true Apple fashion. I'm guessing there is still hope for its return (perhaps this time in Control Center?), since Mavericks retained it. Likewise, hope springs eternal for Maverick's actionable notifications to show up in a future iteration of iOS!
  • You can still tweet from the notification center by using MyShortcuts+Viewer app. Here is how you can set up the tweet button:
    How to tweet from the Notification Center in iOS7 | Unit Kay's Blog
    http://unitkay.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/80%90myshortcuts80%91twe... Sorry for the marketing post, but it might be useful.
  • The address for the blog post has been changed to:
  • You can actually do a quick post to Facebook and Twitter from inside your safari app. If you push the button that looks like a page with an upward arrow it brings up a quick menus and there you can choose to post to either Facebook or Twitter. I know it is a few extra steps compared to having it on the notifications screen. Although you don't have to open the apps to post something.
  • This arrow isnt active unless i open an page, and when i open ny page, this page post also to facebook/twitter status! I need to post a status only and i need it to be sent from ios not a mobile! How can i get to active this arrow without opening a page
  • On the bright side, not only can Siri post for you, but Siri actually works now. I have had, at best a 50% success rate with Siri before, often with hilarious results, but never reliable. As of yesterday, Siri understands everything I say and does so very quickly!
  • The quick "Tap to Tweet"-type 'quick-post cards' that we've had before seem to have been removed from iOS 7 at some recent point. But I'm convinced that they were there. See the screen grabs here about the updated Twitter app, which show the cards: http://thenextweb.com/twitter/2013/09/18/twitter-updated-for-ios-7-with-... As a second exhibit, see the screen grab here with new Flickr card functionality: http://www.maclife.com/article/gallery/90_ios_7_tips_and_tricks#slide-20 The quick-post cards are certainly in there under the covers somewhere, the burning question is why aren't they on the surface for us to use....Apple....???? *cough* Hmmm :/
  • We certainly should ask Apple to restore this functionality: https://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html#mn_p
  • I love the new iOS but I definitely miss the option to quick post. I hope apple brings it back.
  • Will definitely miss this feature! I found your article by googling how to find this feature again. I used the "post to twitter" action at least once daily . Using Siri isn't an option most of the time for me (I can't speak aloud in many of my settings, or wouldn't want to say aloud what I want to tweet!!).
  • good thing i didnt update to ios7 yet hahaha
  • Sad that they are gone! I need to send fb n tweets with ios shown there
  • I don't like care for this new iOS 7 in any form or fashion. Sum subtle Tweaks are ok but the overall look and feel isn't for me. Feels like a crappy windows release from long ago. It's time to ditch the fruit and get a smartphone with more features.
  • Ipost 7 is the application everyone's looking for I hope. It shows via ios on your Facebook status. Just tried it. Good luck :)
  • Thank u so much
  • disappointed this is gone i used it alot .. opening the program takes to long and that was a quick and easy way ..I dont have Siri so how can that help for the ppl who dont need to have the newest version cell ........ hope they bring it back
  • i just downloaded the Ipost 7 .. perfect fit for the missing tap to post ! thx !
  • I am the developer of ipost 7, and i actually created a new version, here is a link: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/ipost-7-try-most-simple-to/id720156825?m...
  • Thank you thank you thank you!
    Downloading now. Hope it works as described!
    Apple alienates their customers. Luckily there are people like Joey who invent solutions.
  • Joey, while the app works, I don't have anything new in the notification centre...
  • Apple won't let me access the settings in the operating system itself, only in my app, so every action is in the app itself.
  • I miss the quick tweet button. :( The app takes forever to load and the fact that I have to exist every app I'm using in order to tweet puts a strain on my home button as well! I'll probably be making a new trip to the Apple store to have it replaced. I love my 4, but Apple, please bring back the quick tweet button.
  • Think about this. Apple put spotlight as a down swipe from any home screen and disabled swiping left... Maybe in a future update they will add dashboard by swiping to the left to more closely line in with OS10. There they could put widgets like weather, quick posts etc. What made the notification post button great was that no matter what I was doing on the phone I could swipe, type then swipe and continue what I was doing. We would then have to leave whatever app we were using in order to post that way. Food for thought.
  • It seems adding pictures directly in FB comments is impossible now as well. Or is there a way to turn it on somehow that I haven't found yet?
  • PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the quick post for fb & twitter. I miss them so much. Smart Move creators.
  • Me too how terrible were bad thing is that the calendar reminders and Facebook updates on the new pulldown screen that is in stead of the quick post are a week old when I get them! nit today.. the today shows me last week.. The only way I console myself is when I remember to press the Siri button and when he opens , i say "post to Facebook" and then whatever my message is e.g. "my name is blah blah", and it does.. have to be quick though if not it puts the phone down on you
    Also, i notice siri takes 4 times longer to process my speech than it did with ios6, and mis-spells 3 times as much as before.... shame on you Siri..
  • I think it is less of a push on Siri's feature and more of a consequence for the fact that in iOS 7 you can easly access the Control/Notification Center from the lock screen... A good solution, since it is actually used in the new OS for some notifications, would be to make that feature only available when the phone is unlocked. I really miss the quick access buttons, and I hope Apple bring them back in future releases.
  • I'll be using Twitter half as much because of this change. I'm on the Facebook app e