Steve Jobs Ipod HifiSource: Lou Dematteis/Reuters

What you need to know

  • Someone wanted to see if a USB-C iPad mini would work with the iPod Hi-Fi.
  • The iPod Hi-Fi was released in 2006 and used a 30-pin dock connector.

The iPod Hi-Fi is still one of the most beloved Apple products to date, partially because it was just so .... odd. A giant box of speakers that you plopped your iPod on top of? Sure, why not. And it cost $350 because of course it did. It's weird, it's whacky, and it works with USB-C iPads.

Yes, really.

YouTube channel Will it Work? wanted to see what would happen when a USB-C iPad mini was plugged into a rather fetching iPod Hi-Fi. But they didn't just want it to work — they wanted to be able o listen to music, charge the iPad, and even control the audio using the iPod Hi-Fi's remote control. That all sounds like a bridge too far for something that was released before some of the people reading this were even born.

So really, there's only one question — will it work? Let's find out!

As amazing as that all is, it's fair to say most people aren't going to go through the hassle of making their iPad mini work with an aging speaker but it's good to know that they could if they really wanted to. This of course isn't the first time an iPod Hi-Fi has been paired with something it was never designed for. We've already seen a Nintendo 3DS do sterling work, but there's something about an iPad mini that makes this video even more impressive.

There's little doubt that the latest iPad mini is the best iPad for a ton of people. Now we know that it's the best iPad for those who own a 16-year-old iPod Hi-Fi, too.