Best Answer: The Mophie Juice Pack Access works with the iPhone XS Max, X, XS, and XR. The case's color options change depending on which model you're looking at.

What differences are there between the different Mophie Juice Pack Access case models?

The Mophie Juice Pack Access works with all versions of the iPhone made after the X, so that includes the XS, XS Max, and XR. Generally speaking, the pack works the same with all models, but with some slight differences. The color options also change depending on the model.

The iPhone XS/X model gives you up to 76 hours of music playback, 25 hours of phone calls, 17 hours of video, or 15 hours of web browsing. Comes in black, gold, navy or deep red.

The iPhone XS Max model provides power for up to 81 hours of music playback, 31 hours of phone calls, 18 hours of video, or 16 hours of web surfing. Pick from a black, gold, navy or deep red case.

The iPhone XR model offers up to 81 hours of music playback, 31 hours of phone calls, 18 hours of video, or 16 hours of web browsing. Choose from three colors: black, a bright blue, and red.

Stand out features of the Juice Pack Access

The iPhone's lightning port and the Mophie Juice Pack Access' USB Type-C port will both be accessible at all times regardless of which case model you get. This means you could have your phone and battery case charging using the USB-C cable and still have the Lightning port available for wired headphones or any other lightning cable accessory. Check out charging options if you want more information.

Every Juice Pack Access battery case features a status button on the backside so you can choose when the battery begins or stops charging your phone. To begin charging hold the button down for three seconds. Similarly, when you want to stop charging, hold the status button for another three seconds. You can even check the LEDs next to the button to determine how much juice is left.

The cases are made with a soft rubber so you can easily pull them out of your pocket instead of fighting friction against your jeans. Unlike other battery case models, you pull the Mophie Juice Pack Access in two parts when placing your phone in and removing it from the case. This design might seem unstable at first, but Mophie has done a good job of ensuring that it only comes apart when you want it to.

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Mophie Juice Pack Access

Strap a battery to your iPhone

These cases extend your iPhone's battery life while also protecting your phone. They come in a variety of colors and feature a status button so you can determine exactly when the charging process begins and ends. They're compatible with iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR.

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