Is this what the next AirPods could look like?

What you need to know

  • Graphic designer Michael Rieplhuber created a mock-up of what the next-gen AirPods could look like.
  • It's based on the leaked icon in the latest iOS 13.2 beta.
  • Based on the realistic design, it seems the AirPods design is about to become even more polarizing.

With the release of the first iOS 13.2 beta, Apple inadvertently included an icon for supposed next-gen AirPods. These new AirPods would offer up an in-ear design with noise cancellation and waterproofing. With the icon serving as a starting point, graphic designer Michael Rieplhuber created a realistic mock-up of what they could look like.

Rieplhuber posted the mock-up on Twitter. The overall design of the AirPods appears to stay the same with a similar stem and various openings for sound acoustics, but it still changes strikingly with the in-ear design.

Rieplhuber went with a smaller in-ear design than what is being shown in the icon for the new AirPods. We don't necessarily agree Apple will go with this smaller design. Instead, look for it to possibly go with something akin to its in-ear headphones that have a bigger in-ear cushion.

That being said, the mock-up does give us an idea for what the increased size to the base of the AirPods could look like.

What do you think of the mock-up? Does you like it or do you want Apple to go with something that is a little less radical? Let us know in the comment down below.

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