What products will Apple release in September?

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Ipad Pro 2020 Camera Bump Vs Iphone 11 Iphone 11 Pro Hero (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

It's no secret that September is usually a very busy month as far as Apple is concerned. In fact, it's usually the month Apple shows off its brand new iPhone to the world, along with some other products too.

2020 has been a year like no other, and a theme across the entire year is that Apple is doing things differently, no big press events, no hands-on at Apple Park, and maybe even no September iPhone. Across most of Apple's lineup, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, there are likely some big changes coming over the next few months. If you're in the market for anything new from Apple, it might be prudent to wait a little while longer to see what happens. And even if you aren't interested in the latest and greatest from Apple, new devices usually means the price of the current ones will drop, saving you some money.

So what exactly is Apple planning to release in September? We can't know for certain, but several prominent leakers have suggested that Apple has a couple of things in the pipeline. The bigger change this year, however, may be what Apple doesn't release this month, namely, iPhone 12.

No iPhone

It is almost a certainty that Apple will not release an iPhone this month. Whilst September is usually the go-to month for Apple's iPhone keynote and subsequent release, it is no secret that the iPhone 12 has been met with delays around prototyping this year. As such, all the latest rumors suggest that the iPhone 12 will be delayed until next month.

iPhone 12 (2020): Rumors, release date, price, features, and more.

The latest report from Jon Prosser suggests we can expect an iPhone 12 event during the week of October 12.

So what is coming?

We do however have information to suggest that Apple will be dropping new products in September, perhaps in just a few day's time.

Again, Jon Prosser notes that Apple will likely release a new Apple Watch and a new iPad as soon as next week, commencing September 7. In fact, Prosser went so far as to give us the exact date and time, September 8 between 9 am - 12 pm EST. He didn't say what was coming then, but was likely referring to either the Apple Watch Series 6 or a new iPad.

New iPad you say?

New filings lodged in the Eurasian Economic Commission database show that Apple has seven new models of iPad lined up for imminent release. The new model numbers for the iPads are A2270, A2072, A2316, A2324, A2325, A2428, and A2429. The numerous numbers indicate different configurations of storage and cellular capabilities, as with previous models.

Jon Prosser also went so far as to say that he expects Apple to release a new iPad Air (fourth generation) and a new iPad (2020). We don't know much about the rumored new iPad, but a recent leaked manual purportedly reveals that the iPad Air 4 will get a total design overhaul to look something like Apple's latest iPad Pro models. That includes thinner, sleeker bezels, and end to the Home Button, and more. Not only do the leaked images reveal a new design, the manual also reportedly refers to Touch ID embedded in the device's power button, a Smart Connector on the back for Magic Keyboard, and USB-C instead of a Lightning connector.

As mentioned, we know less about the 'iPad' that might be coming, but if Apple does release a new cheaper tablet, it would do well to bring the design of all of its iPads into line all at once.

This incredible concept shows exactly what a new iPad Air 4 with redesigned bezels could look like.

Time for a new Apple Watch

We know a bit more about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6, and you can check out our full everything you need to know guide for the full scoop.

The headlines are a faster processor with improved battery life and performance, sleep tracking as included in watchOS 7, and blood oxygen monitoring for tracking some health conditions. The last one is particularly interesting, one report noting:

Apple Watch 6 will feature biosensors that can monitor sleeping conditions, detect blood oxygen and measure pulse rates, heartbeats and atrial fibrillation, and will also incorporate MEMS-based accelerometer and gyroscope, all allowing the new device to continue to lead in measurement precision among wearable devices, the sources said.

The connection to mental health is also clear, with reports suggesting Apple Watch Series 6 will be able to detect anxiety and even panic attacks.

Photos earlier this year showed Apple may be working on a new Leather Loop strap for Apple Watch too. It's highly likely that Apple Watch Series 6 will debut at around the same price point as the Series 5, starting at $399.

A recent Bloomberg report also suggests Apple may launch two new Apple Watch models, with one being a slightly cheaper version design to replaced the Apple Watch Series 3.

Not to throw a spanner in the works, but one prolific Twitter leaker, l0vetodream, indicated that Apple Watch Series 6 might not be announced this month after all, so this one is definitely not a lock.

I don't want either...

Well, that may well be true, but even if you aren't interested in either Apple's latest iPad or the new Apple Watch Series 6, waiting until these products are released will likely guarantee price changes to existing models, which means it will also be an opportune time to invest in one of Apple's older Apple Watch models or that new iPad you've always wanted.

Anything else?

Away from its flagship hero products, Apple has a couple of rumored new accessories on the side that could debut sometime this month, although the time frames and specifics are less clear.

From Bloomberg again, Apple has both a new set of AirPods and a new HomePod speaker in the pipeline to be released "in the fall." That could of course mean September, or much later.

Production reportedly began on 'AirPods Studio back in May. Apple is rumored to be releasing a new pair of over-ear AirPods priced at $349 named AirPods Studio. We had previously heard that Apple was going to release these at WWDC 2020, but they never saw the light of day.

Bloomberg also mentions a new smaller HomePod, an attempt by Apple to revive its smart speaker, perhaps with greater HomeKit capabilities and a lower price point.

So there you have it

As mentioned, the big September news from Apple is no iPhone 12. But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to look forward to. Welcome refreshes to both the iPad and Apple Watch should make for plenty to get excited about (and plenty to spend money on). If our most recent indications are correct, it may be just a few days before we find out for certain.

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