Where to buy the iPhone SE 2022: preorders are live

iPhone SE 2022
iPhone SE 2022 (Image credit: Apple)

Want the buy the new iPhone SE? Well, you're in luck as iPhone SE preorders are live now. We're here to show you multiple buying options and will be updating this page as new offers come online. You'll be able to buy the phone outright from just $429 / £419 but there will be options to break that down into monthly prices from various carriers and networks in both the US and UK.

You'll want to be extra careful that any deals you see are indeed for the newest version of the phone. Depending on the store, you might see it referred to as iPhone SE, iPhone SE (2022), iPhone SE 3, or iPhone SE 3rd-gen. Considering the phone looks the same as the 2020 model, one of the best ways to check that you're looking at a listing for the new version if it's just listed as 'iPhone SE', is to check what processor it has in the specs list. The new model has an A15 Bionic chip, whereas the older one comes with an A13. The new budget iPhone also comes with 5G for the first time.

Be sure to protect your new phone if you do decide to buy one - head on over to our best iPhone SE 3 cases guide for a selection of the best covers around. iPhone SE 2022 pre-orders are due to go live at 8am ET / 1pm GMT.

Where to preorder the iPhone SE in the US

  • Amazon: Don't want a monthly deal and would prefer to buy the phone outright? Amazon will certainly be one to look out for and if you're a Prime member you can get fast delivery too. We spotted a deal where you save $30, but are then tied to Cricket mobile as a carrier. Keep an eye out for some proper unlocked options.
  • Mint Mobile: You can get 6 months of free service with Mint mobile right now when you buy an iPhone SE of any size. There are options for 4, 10, and 15GB or unlimited data too with upfront or monthly payment plans available.
  • Verizon: Prices start at $11.94 a month or you can pay $429 to buy the iPhone SE upfront. Both purchases incur a one-time $35 activation fee too.
  • Best Buy: You can buy the iPhone SE on 24 or 36 monthly at $14-$20 per month depending on the carrier, or opt for a $429 upfront payment.
  • Walmart: Prices on monthly deals start at just $7 a month. There's also an option to save up to $197 on some payment plans.
  • AT&T: Prices begin at $11.95 a month on 36-month plans, or you have the option of buying the phone upfront at the MSRP of $429.
  • Apple: One of the most straightforward options, but also the last place you'll find decent discounts. Trade-ins might be worth considering though if you have an older iPhone.

Where to preorder the iPhone SE in the UK

The UK always gets a huge amount of deals to choose from thanks to the large number of carriers and stores looking to provide tempting contracts. And given how cheap the iPhone SE 3rd-gen model is, you could get a real bargain here compared to what you'd have to fork out for a premium flagship like the iPhone 13 series. Check out these retailers for the latest options. More and more should start rolling in after 1pm GMT. Like we said earlier though, do double check you're looking at prices for the new 2022 3rd-gen version of the iPhone SE.

Keep an eye on this page as we'll be updating throughout the preorder phase for the latest deals on the iPhone SE 2022.

Brendan Griffiths