Everywhere you can buy Nintendo Labo kits

Nintendo Labo is now available to purchase. If you're wishing you had your own DIY cardboard robot costume, fishing pole, or piano right now, you can take a trip to the nearest supporting retailer to pick one up or order online. Here's where you can get your Labo Kit right now.

Plus, Nintendo is releasing the new Labo VR Kit on April 12, which will be available with the rest of the current Labo Kits at these retailers.

Best Buy

If you have a Best Buy near you, head over there now to pick up your Nintendo Labo Kit. Best Buy carries both the Variety Kit, the Robo Kit, and the Customization Set. You can even purchase your kit online, and pick it up the same day in-store. If you don't have time to run down to your local Best Buy, you can always have it delivered.

Best Buy also has the option to build a custom bundle, where you can purchase additional Joy-Cons, Pro Controllers, Docks, charging cables, eShop gift cards, amiibo, cases and accessories, and even games.

There are also pre-orders available for the Labo VR Kit and VR Starter Kit with Blaster.

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Target carries the Variety Kit, the Robo Kit, and the Customization Set so you can complete your Labo collection. While you're there, you can pick up a pack of tube socks and some ravioli for dinner!

If you're already headed there to pick up cat food and a new set of bathroom towels, why not head over to the games section and grab yourself some cardboard fun. You can order online and pick it up later today.

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If you're hoping you can get your Labo kit cheaper at Walmart, you're going to be disappointed. It's the same price as it is everywhere else, unless you happen to catch it on sale. Not to worry, though. There's a Walmart in practically every city, so there's a pretty good chance you can walk to one right now and pick up the one you want.

Walmart is fully stocked with the Variety Kit, the Robo Kit, and the Customization Set. You can order online and pick it up in-store or have it delivered with free shipping.

If you're interested in the VR Kit or VR Starter Kit with Blaster, there are already pre-orders for those on Walmart's site.

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GameStop always goes the extra mile to make its customers happy and getting your hands on a Labo kit is no different. You can buy the Variety Kit or the Robo Kit, and the Customization Kit. You can also pre-order the upcoming VR Kit or VR Starter Kit with Blaster if you so choose.

GameStop also has an online order/pick up in store option so you can guarantee to have your Labo, and maybe some extra goodies, before the day is over.

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Of course, if you can't make it to a local retail store that has Labo Kits on the shelf, you're next best thing is shopping on Amazon and using Prime with 2-day delivery. None of the retail stores I mentioned above could guarantee such a fast shipping time. If you're really in a hurry, you could pay the extra money to have it delivered later today using same-day shipping!

You can get the Variety Kit, the Robo Kit, and the Customization Set from Amazon, and if you have old games you want to trade in, you could get a few dollars off your purchase.

Amazon also has the full VR Kit available for pre-order, or just the VR Starter Set with Blaster.

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