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It appears that, for the first time since its launch in March of 2017, the Nintendo Switch is finally available and in stock at most retailers in-store and online. Now is the perfect time to grab one, right before the launch of the much-anticipated Super Mario Odyssey premier, not to mention just in time for the holiday season. Here's how to get one in your hands right away.


Considering the Switch has been out of stock, ridiculously over-priced, or sells out within minutes, it's surprising to see it in stock on Amazon at all. I had to refresh the page a couple of times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. But, yes. It appears that you can purchase a Nintendo Switch with gray Joy-Con controllers at the normal retail price of $299.99 on Amazon right now. The Neon Blue and Red model is still slightly overpriced at $345, but I'd invest in the gray Joy-Cons for now and purchase the red and blue neon ones at a later time for $79. You're probably going to end up wanting a second pair of Joy-Cons someday, so you might as well get them when they're reasonably priced.

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GameStop is a great place to shop for all of your gaming needs. Although it's a small company compared to the likes of Amazon or best Buy, it's "in good" with major game distributors like Nintendo. It's one of the few retailers that regularly had, at least bundles for Nintendo Switch, which would usually include a game, case, and screen protector. Right now, the standard Nintendo Switch with either gray or red and blue neon are on sale at the regular retail price of $299.99. You can, however, grab a Super Mario Odyssey bundle, which comes with exclusive red controllers (I want these so bad!) for $379.99. #worthit

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Best Buy

Best Buy is going all out this time around with the launch of Super Mario Odyssey. You could purchase your Switch and grab a physical copy of the game as early as 9:01 PM if you're on the West Coast. I wouldn't recommend trying to navigate the brick-and-mortar store for your first Nintendo Switch during the game's launch, though. Instead, order it online and pick it up in-store just a bit before the launch event. Then, you can take your game and your game console home for a long night of fun!

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Just the other day, I was in my local Target, and there where four Nintendo Switch consoles just sitting there waiting to be purchased. Such a weird thing to see. So yeah. You can get a Nintendo Switch with either gray or red and blue neon Joy Cons for the standard retail price of $299.99. You can either order it online or go down to your local Target and pick one up right now. I recommend checking the website first to make sure your Target has them on sale. What are you waiting for? There's probably a target less than 30 miles from you right now.

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Weirdly, Walmart doesn't seem to be stocking official Nintendo copies of the Switch online. Instead, it's promoting the resale market, which has the console marked up, even if ever-so-slightly. You can find the Switch with gray Joy-Cons for around $320 with the red and blue neon model costing about $360. Honestly though, I'd just get them on Amazon for $20 cheaper if I were you. It's possible that Walmart will get retail versions in stock soon and the price will drop, but make sure to check around before you buy. You could also try calling your local Walmart to see if they have them in stock for the regular price.

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Toys 'R' Us

You'd think Toys R Us would be the first to have the Nintendo Switch consoles fully stocked as often as possible, but as of this writing, they're still sold out online. If you want to support your local Toys R Us, I highly recommend calling the store. They do sell them IRL, but don't show what's available online. There is a pretty good chance your local Toys R Us has them in stock. You'd just have to make a trip down there, which is a fun trip for me because I like to look at all the Star Wars toys while I'm there.

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