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Nintendo Switch Online Splatnet 2 (Image credit: iMore)

It appears that, for the first time since its launch in March of 2017, the Nintendo Switch is finally available and in stock at most retailers in-store and online. Now is the perfect time to grab one, right before the launch of the much-anticipated Super Mario Odyssey (opens in new tab) premier, not to mention just in time for the holiday season. Here's how to get one in your hands right away.


Considering the Switch has been out of stock, ridiculously over-priced, or sells out within minutes, it's surprising to see it in stock on Amazon at all. I had to refresh the page a couple of times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. But, yes. It appears that you can purchase a Nintendo Switch with gray Joy-Con controllers at the normal retail price of $299.99 (opens in new tab) on Amazon right now. You can always upgrade your Joy-Cons at a later time for $69. (opens in new tab) You're probably going to end up wanting a second pair of Joy-Cons someday, so you might as well get them when they're reasonably priced.

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GameStop is a great place to shop for all of your gaming needs. Although it's a small company compared to the likes of Amazon or Best Buy, it's "in good" with major game distributors like Nintendo. Right now, the standard Nintendo Switch with either gray (opens in new tab) or red and blue neon (opens in new tab) is on sale at the regular retail price of $299.99. (opens in new tab)

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This in store on online purchase supports making your own bundle. For $329 (opens in new tab) you choose your game and create your own deals. So for 30 dollars more you can pick your favorite game and have it right when it comes time to unbox! Other than that you can find the regular Nintendo Switch grey console for $299 (opens in new tab), making it about a dollar cheaper than your alternatives. The Neon Blue and Red Switch, however, is a much higher price than the competetors at $319 (opens in new tab). Seems like everyone except Walmart has realised the Blue and Red Switch should be the same price.

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  • Don't forget "used" websites like Swappa as well - they're marked up a bit there, too, but not irrationally, and at least have a few available at the moment...
  • Because resellers are marking up the Switch offensively high, and because Nintendo is still producing new Switches (though at a painfully slow rate), we're sticking with official retailers that don't exploit people's FOMO. But, don't worry, once the Switch is more readily available, we'll have plenty of information on how to sell your old Switch and the best places to buy a used one.