Where to buy Nintendo Switch gift cards

Gift cards are a great way to get someone a gift without having to pick out something that the person may not even enjoy. If the person you love also loves Nintendo, then an eShop gift card is a perfect gift for them. Here's a list of places where you can pick up a gift card for your loved one.


Amazon carries several different gift cards for the eShop that you can download after purchase. Whether you're looking to pay $5 or up to $70 on that special someone, you can get any amount for them to purchase their favorite games.

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Best Buy

Best Buy also carries quite a few gift cards for your digital Nintendo game needs. Starting at $5, you can spend all the way up to $70 on an eShop gift card.

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Gamestop carries gift cards starting at $10 that are delivered via email. The cards they carry go all the way up to $99, which is more than most other stores carry.

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Walmart carries many cards that you can have delivered via email starting at $6. Their cards go up to $70, which is the perfect amount for newer games or more than plenty for games on sale.

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Target's gift cards are a bit different. Some gift cards have a service fee attached to them. For example, some cards are available for $10 to $50 without any extra charge while the other cards add a $0.49 - $0.99 service fee.

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Where are you going to get your next gift card?

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Kennedy Maring