Where to buy the SNES: Classic Edition

Nintendo's Classic Edition mini consoles traditionally sell like hotcakes, or at least the NES: Classic Edition did. It sold out lickety-split and never really remained in stock on the regular anywhere. Though Nintendo promises that there are going to be way more of them in stock, chances are the SNES: Classic Edition will still be difficult to find. Whether you're rushing to the closest game store on your lunch break or willing to spend twice the retail price to get one as soon as possible, here's where you can purchase SNES: Classic Edition if you're quick about it.

SNES: Classic Edition retails for $79.99 and comes with two wired controllers and 21 games installed in the unit. When searching for SNES: Classic Edition, make sure you're not overpaying and that you've got the real deal, not a knockoff.


Amazon has a listing for SNES: Classic Edition up right now, but it's currently priced at about $130, which is nearly twice what it retails for. Remember, Nintendo recommends NOT overpaying for SNES: Classic Edition because there will be more coming soon. Most likely, there will be plenty on store shelves in time for the holiday season. If you do, however, need one ASAP, you can spend the extra dough right now on Amazon.

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Though it's not currently available online, GameStop has limited stock of SNES: Classic Edition in store right now. The game retailer tends to bundle consoles with other items, so be prepared for the possibility of having to spend a few extra dollars on something you never really thought you'd need or want, like a different controller or exclusive case. GameStop will probably have the least amount of stock available, but if you visit the retailer often, you might get lucky when they restock.

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Target is not selling the SNES: Classic Edition online at this time, but from my experience, the store was well stocked on launch day and, even though they sold out within an hour, Target will probably have more in stock on a regular basis. Don't give up hope too soon. Keep trying back.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another retailer that has plenty of stock on hand. Though the SNES: Classic edition might have sold out early on launch day at your local Best Buy, you can be sure there will be more on the way as soon as possible. There are no online purchases, even for in-store pick up at this time, but once the fever of launch day passes, you'll probably be able to buy online.


Some people I spoke with in line while waiting for my SNES: Classic Edition told me that their friends successfully purchased one at midnight at one of the Walmart stores that was open 24-hours. At this point, it's not likely they have any left in stock, at least not stores that were open at midnight. You can try your luck at one that has standard hours, but even those stores open earlier than the other retailers. I suggest calling first to see if your local Walmart has any left. If not, be patient, there will probably be another shipment in very soon.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us has limited stock of SNES: Classic Edition, but there is still a chance your local shop has a few left. Toys R Us traditionally doesn't open until 10:00 a.m., at which point most of the overly-enthusiastic buyers will have already purchased one. Of course, I'm not considering the really overly-enthusiastic buyers that are going from one store to another to try to buy up as many as possible. I'm sure there are a few of those types out there.

Updated September 2017: Updated with information about which stores will have SNES: Classic Edition in stock.

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