Where can I safely buy a used NES Classic Edition?

Where can I safely buy a used NES Classic Edition?

Best Answer: Amazon is the best place to purchase a used NES Classic Edition, or even an SNES Classic if you want to "Play with Super Power." That's because Amazon offers fast shipping, good prices, and plenty of customer reviews on products and even third-party sellers.Amazon: NES Classic Edition ($53)Amazon: Super NES Classic ($68)

You're probably already using Amazon anyway

Many of us are already using Amazon to buy various goods. Amazon is a highly reputable company with thousands of products, it's easy to use, and shipping is always fast, free, and reliable. If there's anything wrong with the order or product, Amazon's customer service is top-notch, with painless returns if needed.

Are the used mini consoles coming directly from Amazon?

If you specifically want a used NES Classic Edition or SNES Classic just to save a few bucks, then Amazon has you covered. Since Amazon allows customers to trade in their video games for credit, many people have done just that with Nintendo's retro mini consoles.

When you buy a used NES or SNES Classic on Amazon, the first option is getting it directly from the Amazon Warehouse, or even directly from the distributor. If it's coming from Amazon directly, then you already know that it's a good, trusted source. Amazon also directly informs you of the condition that the console you're getting, which ranges from Acceptable to Like New. If you're not satisfied, you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

What if I want it cheaper than what Amazon is selling used units for?

Amazon supports third-party sellers in the marketplace, and of course, you will find cheaper options (the lowest price we found for a used NES Classic Edition is $41) from other sellers. However, you should keep in mind that the cheaper options usually have separate shipping costs to factor into the total price.

Can I trust these other sellers?

The problem with getting it from a third-party seller on Amazon is the fact that it's not Amazon themselves, so you don't get that satisfaction guarantee. However, like eBay, you can see a seller's overall star rating, how long they've been selling, and read comments from other customers before buying and it's usually pretty accurate.

Most sellers also have all orders fulfilled by Amazon, so it's stored, packed, and shipped by Amazon, eligible for free shipping, has Amazon customer service, and tracking information.

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