Where to pre-order Nintendo Switch in the U.S.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

It's not quite a console and not quite a tablet, but Nintendo has done a great job making it clear Switch is the next big thing in gaming. This is going to be a unique experience filled with lots of new takes on popular Nintendo titles, as well as some impressive new motion capabilities with the Joy-Con gamepad setup. There's a lot to like here, but how do you get your hands on one right now?!

The answer is pre-ordering, and as expected from Nintendo there's no shortage of options for securing yourself a spot in the console line before launch day. Here are your options!

Best Buy

Both the standard grey Joy-Con bundle and the Neon Joy-Con bundles are available here for $299, and if history is any indicator Best Buy is likely to have a healthy selection of accessories available closer to launch day.

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Pre-order here is only for the standard grey Joy-Con bundle right now, but Wal-Mart is also offering three and four year insurance bundles to protect your shiny new console!

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You can pre-order standard grey and neon Joy-Con bundles here, and Target also offers several Nintendo accessories for pre-order with the console. You'll also find standard and special edition versions of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild available for pre-order here.

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You can get a standard or neon Joy-Con bundle here, but GameStop is also offering several other bundles with multiple launch titles included. Take a look and see which bundle is best for you!

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You'll find multiple bundle options available on Amazon once they become available, but many are finding this route is regularly showing Sold Out with an option to notify you when more are available to grab.

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Which Nintendo Switch bundle are you going with? Sound off in the comments!

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