Best answer: While most of the Philips Hue starter kits will work with the Hue Inara outdoor lantern, the two-bulb version of the Hue White kit is the best, offering two backup bulbs and a Hue Bridge for under $100.

Amazon: Hue White Starter Kit (Two bulbs) ($68)

The two-bulb Hue White starter kit gets you off the ground for less

The Philips Hue White starter kit includes two E26/A19 white LED bulbs (perfect for the Inara), as well as the Hue Bridge. The Bridge is the really important part of the kit for using the Inara, as you'll need a Hue Bridge to access advanced functionality like lighting scenes, or if you want to connect your lights to a HomeKit setup.

Because each Inara Outdoor Lantern comes with a bulb of its own, the bulbs that come with this starter kit can serve as backups. Or you can use them in another light fixture. Philips rates their lifespan at around 25,000 hours, meaning they should last you multiple years before they need replacement.

You could skip the starter kits

The Philips Hue system isn't cheap to get into by any stretch of the imagination. But at $70, the two-bulb White starter kit, will get you there for less than any other kit.

But if you're getting a Hue Inara anyway (or already have one), you'll be getting the bulb that comes with that which, strictly speaking, eliminates the need for a starter kit. Instead, you can just pick up the Philips Hue Bridge on its own. The Bridge enables more advanced functions of the Hue, such as setting scenes, more advanced automation, and HomeKit compatibility.

If you want more color in your lights

If you want to give the outside of your home and Hue Inara lanterns an extra burst of color, check out the Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit. Like the White starter kit, the bulbs in Ambiance pack are E26/A19, so they'll fit right in the Inara if you want to swap out the included Inara bulb.

And while this kit is more expensive, it also includes two more bulbs over the White kit, in addition to the Hue Bridge. These bulbs have a range of 16 million colors, all accessible through the Philips Hue app.

Our pick

Philips Hue White Starter Kit (two bulbs)

Get your Inara off the ground for less.

With an included Hue Bridge and a couple of backup bulbs, this is a perfect starter kit to use with your Hue Inara.

More colorful

Philips Hue White and Color Ambience

Spice up the exterior of your home.

These Hue White and Color Ambience bulbs will fit right into your Inara lantern to bathe your home in 16 million colors if you're bored of the plain white of the included Inara bulbs.

Skip the kits

Philips Hue Bridge

Skip the kits and get advanced lighting control.

Because the Hue Inara comes with a bulb of its own, if you want, you can skip the starter kits and just pick up the Philips Hue Bridge, which offers advanced functionality for building scenes and interacting with systems like HomeKit.

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