We all know that the 32GB of storage available on the Nintendo Switch is a little lackluster, and most gamers are going to opt to purchase a microSD card for all their game, screenshot, and video files.

There's an interesting debate on the Nintendo Switch subreddit about whether it's better to have one large capacity microSD card or have multiple smaller capacity ones.

Pros and cons of having multiple smaller microSD cards

I use this method for my Nintendo Switch. I have two 32GB microSD cards that I use with my Switch because buying two 32GB cards was cheaper than buying one 64GB card at my local Best Buy. I figured if I could get the same amount of space for about $20 less it would make sense. Your mileage may vary, with sales, promotions, or coupons or other offers, but if you compare prices, you'll find a lot of the time you can purchase multiple smaller capacity microSD cards for less than a larger capacity.

Of course, the price benefit comes at a cost, and that cost is convenience. If you have any games or save data on a specific microSD card, you're going to need that one in your Nintendo Switch to access the content. This can lead to headaches if you forget which microSD card is in your Switch.

If your curious, I dealt with the problem in the way that made sense to me. One of my cards stores all my single player titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Lost Sphear, and I am Setsuna. While my other card holds titles, I like to travel with such as Jackbox Party Pack 2 and 3, Overcooked, Super Bomberman R, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. That way the only time I need to switch cards is when I'm playing the Switch with my friends.

Pros and cons of having one single microSD card

As you can imagine, the pros and cons of owning only one large microSD card are mostly the inverses of holding multiple. The convenience of having all your games, save data, screenshots, and other data all in one place and never having to change out your microSD card in your Switch is probably ideal. You can carry your Switch anywhere and always be ready to play any game at any time.

As mentioned before, large capacity microSD cards aren't cheap. Most 256GB cards are well over $100 and depending on the quality, brand, and write speed; even 128GB cards can shoot up in price. You can always look at buying a microSD card for your Nintendo Switch as a long-term investment, perhaps if you're lucky, maybe even a one-time investment, but there is some money to be saved if you choose to purchase smaller cards.

What's the right answer?

As with most things in life, the choice is ultimately yours. I still have a pretty sizeable chunk of storage space between both my 64GB cards and saving the money was important to me at the time of purchase; however, I often wonder how stupid I might feel if I lose one of my cards and I can't access half of my save data.

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What do you think?

Do you think it's better to only have one large capacity microSd card for your Switch? Or, do you think saving money and having ultiple is a better idea? Sound off in the comment down below!

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