This is why you switched from Nexus to iPhone 7

Once upon a time I figured few people would switch from Nexus to iPhone. Rather than mainstream phones, Nexus were as pure Android as Google could make them, and that suggested their customers would be the most devoted. Turns out, though, not everyone who tries Nexus likes it, and some who like Nexus didn't like it's replacement, the Pixel. They liked iPhone 7 instead.

No doubt the Pixel looking like an iPhone helps make it feel familiar to casual consumers, but it may also cause many to figure that if they're getting something that looks like iPhone they might as well get the real thing. Others may realize that while Google will be updating Pixel quickly and directly, their record of supporting older phones isn't nearly as good as Apple's, who've proven they can deliver software and security updates to everyone in the world, all at the same time, for years and years to come. It's also never been easier to make the switch.

But what are the reasons that have mattered most to you?

Making the switch


I was on a 5S for about a year before I made the switch to a Nexus 6. At the time I wanted an unlocked, stock Android phone, that worked on Verizon. I also wanted a 5.5"+ screen. I loved the Nexus 6, but unfortunately I shattered the screen about a month ago. I wasn't liking what I was seeing as far as rumors at the time around Pixel phones. If I was going to stick with Android, it was either going to be a Google imagined phone, or I was going to get the Note 7. Well since the Note 7 became a non-factor, and, IMO, the Pixel phones are hideous, and overpriced for stock Android, I got an iPhone 7+ instead.


Was using a Nexus 5X and wanted a new phone. Would only ever consider a Google phone as I wanted "Vanilla" android & timely updates. Hoped that the Pixel would be that phone, but could not believe the price! Why pay iPhone prices for a non-iPhone? Very happy with the iPhone 7 plus I bought.


I was just really disappointed with Android. I started with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and Asus Nexus tablet. I figured both being stock Android would be pretty smooth. It was initially but after 6 months both started slowing down. The tablet I noticed was really bad after they introduced multiple profiles. While that was cool to have, it is my personal tablet so if the cost is that is so slow to the point that I stopped using it then what is the point? I have an iPhone and iPad mini now and they work seamlessly together.. I just need all my friends to get iPhones so I can use iMessage on both my iPhone and iPad to reply to them since whatsapp s only on my iPhone. I have an older plan so I do not have unlimited text.

A few of you left Nexus, tried Samsung, but ended up on iPhone, like xXxMVPete:

I was never an iPhone user until the 6S+ came out and I decided to switch from the Nexus 6 and give the iPhone a spin. At first I liked it, then I started to miss some stuff about Android (namely a universal back button) and bought a Galaxy S7 Edge+. I liked it at first (great camera and display) but the overall software experience was hampered by TouchWiz. The battery life was also worse than my 6S+. I decided to give that a try with iOS 10 and came to really love the latest version. So I sold my S7 Edge+ and picked up an iPhone 7. Could not be happier with the decision.


I'm leaving my beloved Nexus 6P for a number of reasons. For starters, Google killed the brand in favor of an iPhone clone made by HTC, which means that I no longer get updates first.. Google fanboys who poo-poo'd HTC for the last 5 years are going ga-ga for the Pixel, which might actually mean that I drank the koolaid for awhile. Software: can I just make a phone call without the dialer hanging in an emergency? Please?! Keyboard: I don't understand why iOS has such a vastly superior keyboard with all the keyboard options I have, including Swiftkey. Bluetooth; why does my phone have to disconnect so flippin much from my peripherals?Granted, maybe I have a bad device, who knows. The screen is nice, I like the stereo speakers and the fast charge. However, The screen is nice on the iPhone and it now also has stereo speakers and I really don't need fast charge if I don't have fast discharge.


I have used Android devices since the first inception of them, i have gone through a dozen different devices, some include the Motorola droid, nexus s, Samsung galaxy s3, nexus 5, galaxy s6, and many more which I can't remember. The nexus 5 was by far my favorite device, no bloatware timely updates all around great device until I shattered it.... :( The next version of the Nexus devices just didn't seem appealing, so I waited and opted for the Samsung galaxy s6. At this point, I have already owned a MacBook pro for 2 years an iPad for 4 years. The overall built off the galaxy s6 was amazing, and after hiding most of the bloatware I was to the races, the main reason for the switch was bloatware and uncontrolled software by Samsung, late updates, bloatware...not needed Samsung apps with att apps, and the battery life just deteriorated. I can have location services, data, and nothing running and the battery still drains with battery save mode. At best i got 4-5 hours, The worst part about the whole experience is that I wrote a review on for the phone and they never posted saying it did not meet their criteria.So now I have a 7 Plus 128 gig, lots of storage, great battery life, no bloatware, and I can sync everything with my iPad and Mac.

Even those of you who haven't quite made the switch told us why they were thinking about it, including bagarwa

I haven't switched, yet, but am tempted to. Primary reason being - inconsistency. On Android, one day I get awesome battery life, another day it is disastrous. Memory management is ****. Doze is hogwash and leads to notifications getting missed. Plus Google now nixed the Nexus line and is selling overpriced Pixel. So, I was very tempted to switch to iPhone this year. But, thought I will give it one last try since "Google is controlling both sw and hw this year". If it turns out to be another crap fest like all previous years, that will break the camel's back.

Why did you switch to iPhone?

Fascinating answers, to say the least. And I'd love to know more!

If you switched from your Nexus — or Pixel! — phone to an iPhone, why'd you make the switch. Was it one specific reason, like the camera or privacy? Or was it a combination of reasons, from hardware to software, quality to feature set? If you haven't switched yet but are considering it, is it because of the changes made to iOS 10 or iPhone 7?

Leave your answer in the comments and we'll use some of the most interesting and insightful in future columns!

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