Did you switch from Android to iPhone 7 on Black Friday? Tell me why!

Did you take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday to make the switch from Android to iPhone? If so, was it the deal alone that finally promoted you to take action, or was it something else? I'd love to know the reason why!

Every quarter, Apple claims more people than ever are switching from Android to iPhone. What we don't know, though, is from which Android phones and why. Last month Apple released iPhone 7. Meanwhile, Samsung had to recall the Galaxy Note 7, and Google nixed new Nexus in favor of iPhone-looking Pixels. So...

I'm wondering if any of that — or any other reason — prompted you to make the switch from Android to iPhone? Previously the new big and bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had many of you making the switch. Conversely, the launch of the smaller but still powerful iPhone SE has more than a few making the shrink-grade.

Enter iPhone 7...

Now there's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with industry-leading A10 Fusion processors, amazing new cameras, including a dual-camera system on iPhone 7 Plus, wide gamut color from capture to display, and long sought-after water resistance.

There's also iOS 10, which Apple once agains showed they could ship to hundreds of millions of compatible iPhones, in every region, on every carrier, all at the same time — including security updates. As well as Apple Watch and Apple TV compatibility, including new cross-device features like auto-unlock for Mac and Apple Pay for Safari. They all work together to make the a whole that's far more valuable than any part.

...Exit Android

If you made the switch from Android to iPhone recently, let me know which Android phone you switched from and what caused you to make the switch? Was it one or more of the reasons above or was it something else entirely?

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Android is an OS. So you would be switching from Android to iOS. Sent from the iMore App
  • Lucky your wearing a captain obvious suit.
  • hehe... both are correct.
  • Came from an explosive note 7 and I'm using a temporary 6s plus and I have a 7 plus backordered. What made me switch was consistentsy. Apple owns the hardware and the software. Since they can do that they can perfect it. I work at a place that gets spotty wifi and terrible cell coverage. On the note 7 I'd finish a 8.5 hour shift with 20% battery. On the iPhone I leave work and I have 60% or maybe even more. I also have an iPad so continuity is amazing. It's now making me consider a MacBook Pro.
  • I'd get the MacBook Pro, if you've never used macOS before it might take some getting used to, but when you're used to it you can take advantage of stuff like the trackpad gestures which are really great for productivity, and it's quite a nice OS overall. They're great machines. You can also have Windows installed at the same time as macOS if you need any Windows-only applications
  • Pretty much all new laptops have touchpad gestures now. Surface products have same thing. They also have touchscreen and pen to write (even face unlock). What I like about Apple products is they have more stable software.
  • I've yet to use a laptop that has the accuracy and size of the MacBook trackpad. Yeah trackpad gestures have been on laptops for years, but they generally work like crap, maybe it's improved on newer laptops but I'll be surprised if it works as well as the MacBook ones
  • I've got a surface book, the trackpad is great. I'd say it's on par with the MacBooks.
  • too bad it's running windows 10. I can just imagine that with stable solid windows 8 on it.
  • "Apple owns the hardware and the software." Which means that you don't, even though you paid for the goods. This permits them to censor you and your possibilities and to have more control over what you buy, how often you buy it, and overreach into your tech life.
  • That's going maybe a bit too far just to say you dislike Apple products, isn't it?
  • No, it's why I dislike them.
  • I did the reverse..iOS to Android... Best thing I've done so far. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Security updates. I switched from a Moto X that hadn't received Android security updates for nine months to an iPhone SE.
  • Security updates. My Galaxy S7 edge and my wife's Galaxy S7 (both on T-Mobile) didn't receive September security updates until the 1st or 2nd week of October.
  • That's actually not bad for Android. Lol Posted via the Note 5 or iPhone 6s Plus
  • Was using a Nexus 5X and wanted a new phone. Would only ever consider a Google phone as I wanted "Vanilla" android & timely updates. Hoped that the Pixel would be that phone, but could not believe the price! Why pay iPhone prices for a non-iPhone? Very happy with the iPhone 7 plus I bought.
  • I've been with Android since the OG Droid days. I finally decided to give the iPhone a try as I was sick and tired of hearing people say how great iOS was in general and wanted to see for myself what the deal was. I was rocking a Samsung Galaxy S6 (non edge) and was completely over the horrible battery life and late software updates so I decided to buy a iPhone 6s outright and give iOS a go. The switch was a little rough at first as I never used an iOS device before that. I have to say its nice to actually get software updates when its actually released and Google still has no answer for iMessage... Anyways I ended up recently purchasing the iPhone 7 Plus over the Pixel XL. My main reason for going with the 7 Plus is Apple supports their devices for a longer period of time.
  • I'm leaving my beloved Nexus 6P for a number of reasons. For starters, Google killed the brand in favor of an iPhone clone made by HTC, which means that I no longer get updates first.. Google fanboys who poo-poo'd HTC for the last 5 years are going ga-ga for the Pixel, which might actually mean that I drank the koolaid for awhile. Software: can I just make a phone call without the dialer hanging in an emergency? Please?! Keyboard: I don't understand why iOS has such a vastly superior keyboard with all the keyboard options I have, including Swiftkey. Bluetooth; why does my phone have to disconnect so flippin much from my peripherals? Granted, maybe I have a bad device, who knows. The screen is nice, I like the stereo speakers and the fast charge. However, The screen is nice on the iPhone and it now also has stereo speakers and I really don't need fast charge if I don't have fast discharge. There's only one app that I'm kind of hung up on that I'll have to have an android tablet around for and that's Star War's Heroes. But that's EA's fault (actually mine for getting hooked on it.) I'm just not starting over on that game. Bonus: wife gets the iphone from me next year so I can get the i8+.
  • Like your comments. I don't agree with the keyboard though. It's the one thing i don't like about iOS. I don't like having to hit extra keys to switch between letter/numbers/symbols.
  • I completely agree with you on shifting the keyboard to access symbols, etc. But that is also inherent in nearly every android keyboard out there unless you stick with one specific KB (I use swiftkey so I'm used to its layout now). But I use swiftkey because touch typing is so awful (for me), and I have to resort to swiping or using language suggestions to get around the typos. Which for some reason I have to do less of with iOS. Heck my little Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 10 has a keyboard on par with iOS and has wordflow. I digress.
  • If it's just one character you're after (or one capital letter) just tap & drag the shift or number key. I didn't switch keyboards writing this response. Sent from the iMore App
  • I can't agree with the keyboard comment either. iOS falls behind Android in that segment, especially when it comes to third party keyboard integration. Apple doesn't even seem to be trying to improve the situation.
  • The one thing I like about the iOS keyboard is I don't have to constantly delete and retype. I don't swype type so Gboard really annoys me that way.
  • I've used android for 9 straight devices , and used just about every keyboard out there. IOS by far has the best keyboard out there
  • I'm used to gboard for awhile but recently went back to stock keyboard. Sure having to change to numbers is slower. There is a quick easy to do it. Press and hold the change key then swipe to the number or symbol. And having the 3d touch to get the cursor is awesome, I recently learnt how to highlight words with 3d touch on the keyboard, so useful. 3d touch to fast delete is awesome too. Most third party keyboard on iPhone is not as great as android, I'm using the Google keyboard on android and my biggest frustration is the horizontal cursor sometimes it doesn't detect the gesture and take it as a long press and it start suggesting to change keyboards. I hope the Google keyboard gets there Google assistant a bit like gboard. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The pixelnuprates are controlled by Google NOT HTC. You're VERY incorrect
  • I haven't switched per se, I upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus (when it came out) but I'm still using ( mostly gaming and as a backup)the Note 4 and it's running a 01 September Security update on Marshmallow so not bad. I'm not new to iOS though, we've always had iPads right from the original as well as android tablet currently the old Nexus. My reason for decide on iPhone instead of the Note 5 was OS updates. I've also got Apple TV and Apple Watch. I think both Android and iOS are matured at this stage, the only issue is updates on Android. The Nexus devises are not easy to come by here in South Africa. Sent from the iMore App
  • I used the first iPhones until the 3GS and then switched to Android when the Note series came out because I really wanted the bigger screen. I used Android extensively, but never really liked it. All interactions with it always felt second-rate. Yes, it had lots of bells and whistles that iPhones didn't have, but they were like the scores of gimmicks on a cheap Chinese boom box -- none of them really made the product better. Yes, you now have lots of apps, but so many of them are so atrociously amateurish that it's hard to even consider them. I'm always perplexed when tech pundits like Leo Laporte extol the superiority of Android. Do these people not care at all about quality software? I seriously disliked all of Samsung's software, and the attitudes and philosopyh behind it even more, and would have used a Nexus if the cameras had been any good. The increasing fragmentation of Android and the arrival of the iPhone Plus series made it easy to switch back. Massively better apps, better hardware and consistent, properly integrated software. Now the only way I'd consider an Android phone not from Google would be if it came with the OS and all the software completely unchanged, with no interference from carriers or manufacturers, and direct updates from Google. But even then there is really nothing on Android that I find even particularly attractive. That said, I'm going to stay on my iPhone 6s Plus for at least another year, possibly two. There is nothing about the iPhone 7 that draws me, and I'm sick and tired of the limitations of smartphone cameras, even and especially the good ones. Instead, I'm investing the money saved by skipping two iPhone cycles in a real camera.
  • With Leo Laporte you have to understand that he has been deeply hurt by not being invited to Apple events because of some comments he made a few years back. It's affected his view considerably and he can't let it go, so he lashes out periodically at Apple. It got so bad, it made his co-hosts on MacBreak Weekly uncomfortable at times and had become very distracting on that show as well as iOS Today. With his recent three week vacation, I've noticed he seemed to come back with a new attitude, so let's hope he had time to reflect and he is back to his old self.
  • but the macbreak weekly is a nice show and LEO is one of them they tell the truth and what he feels thats why i like it. is not like some others they say apple is so good in everything...
  • I switched from Android to iOS and got the 6s+. I switched because my corporate email experience was horrible without Touchdown. Also, my son and i have iPads. I like the customization you can do on Android, but the experience between brands is annoying. I do not regret switching. I will wait until next iPhone to upgrade.
  • Went from the 6s Plus to the Note7 and as you already know the issue with the battery forced me to make move and seeing that the Note7 was the only device I wanted that ran Android I went and ordered (2) 256GB iPhone 7+ because even before the issues with the battery started they were already behind with the updates and it rubbed me the wrong way that Verizon altered the Note7 and had removed features that are present on the the ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile variants. I'm done with Verizon altering devices on Android and glad they can't tinker with the iPhone.
  • Glad to hear your through with Verizon. Wish more people would follow. Verizon has no business changing OEM apps with their bloat. Why Google paired up with them on the Pixel? Who knows.
  • I switched from a Note 7. I've always wanted to give iOS a shot, so I got an iPhone 7 and a first gen Apple watch for the price of my Note 7 refund. It's been a few weeks now, and I'm enjoying the iOS experience so far. I like the smaller former factor, and I think the watch/phone integration is much better.
  • I had been an Android user since the OG Droid came out in late 2009. I always had either Nexus phones or phones with stock software (think Moto X). I was never an iPhone user until the 6S+ came out and I decided to switch from the Nexus 6 and give the iPhone a spin. At first I liked it, then I started to miss some stuff about Android (namely a universal back button) and bought a Galaxy S7 Edge+. I liked it at first (great camera and display) but the overall software experience was hampered by TouchWiz. The battery life was also worse than my 6S+. I decided to give that a try with iOS 10 and came to really love the latest version. So I sold my S7 Edge+ and picked up an iPhone 7. Could not be happier with the decision.
  • You've paralleled my experience and vindicated my decision. Thank you.
  • Wow I'm really jealous you get to try these new phones. I'm using an LG g4 and my next phone was going to be a s7 or p9 or g5 or op3. But I don't like the g5 feel in hand, it's sharp, I don't like Samsung may take their sweet time to make nougat. I can't really afford another iPhone. My old semi broken iPhone 6 is running iOS 10 just fine. It's faster than g4 and the battery life have been quite good until recently. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • My Priv has been having "No Service" issues for over a month and the Note 7 is the bomb so I have ordered the New Iphone 7 Plus. I am hopeful I will like it. I get it on Friday so we will see.
  • I use both. Posted via the iMore App from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • You have the same problem as me then... one of each, please! :)
  • That way you get excited every time there's a big announcement. I can't afford another iPhone though. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I switched from an OnePlus One to the iPhone 7. I hated the inconsistency of the UX across the Android ecosystem
    The camera would cap videos at 10 minutes
    There was no built in weather app
    There was no built in voice memos app
    The camera did not live up to my expectations
    I really dislike the Google Privacy Policies (I don't care about Google and the Government seeing what I'm doing, but I do care about ownership though and what 3rd parties see) But the biggest sticking point was the battery life sucked, example 1 minute of Pokemon go was 1% of battery life Overall I'm very happy to be using an iPhone right now, I'm not enamoured by it, but I am very happy that I switched
  • I'm still deciding if I'll stay with iPhone 7 Plus, still have my s7 Edge. I needed to switch carriers (T-Mobile to Sprint), so had to get a new phone and decided to try out Apple for a while. Nice phone, but several things that I use many times a day on Android aren't available in iOS; number row on keyboard, double click home button for camera, customizable home screen, and the biggie for me....back arrow navigation. I find the iOS back arrow in the top left corner to be way too small and in the worst possible spot. I initially didn't like the widget area, but I like it now after I did a lot of research and customized it to my liking (thanks to the Launcher Pro app). I think I can learn to live with these shortcomings, because there are many positives about this phone. I guess the main reason I switched would be curiosity and boredom with Android.
  • Uhm... You can just swipe from left to right if you want to go back and vice versa to go forward. More convenient than clicking a button. Going back to previous app is just as simple as 3D touch from the left edge of the screen and swipe all the way across...
  • You could get a custom keyboard to get the number row. Also the comment above has some suggestions for your other issues
  • Yeah it takes a bit of getting use of that swiping from the edge to go back and 3d touch the left screen to go to last app. I prefer nougat double tap to go back to the last app but that's my preference. Sorry no double tap to quick camera. Maybe try the gesture on the lock screen raise to wake than swipe to right. Anywhere else pull up control centre to pull up the camera shortcut. The older iOS 9 interface is more consistent to pull up the camera but I think you can get used to it. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I have used Android devices since the first inception of them, i have gone through a dozen different devices, some include the Motorola droid, nexus s, Samsung galaxy s3, nexus 5, galaxy s6, and many more which I can't remember. The nexus 5 was by far my favorite device, no bloatware timely updates all around great device until I shattered it.... :( The next version of the Nexus devices just didn't seem appealing, so I waited and opted for the Samsung galaxy s6. At this point, I have already owned a MacBook pro for 2 years an iPad for 4 years. The overall built off the galaxy s6 was amazing, and after hiding most of the bloatware I was to the races, the main reason for the switch was bloatware and uncontrolled software by Samsung, late updates, bloatware...not needed Samsung apps with att apps, and the battery life just deteriorated. I can have location services, data, and nothing running and the battery still drains with battery save mode. At best i got 4-5 hours, The worst part about the whole experience is that I wrote a review on samsung.com for the phone and they never posted saying it did not meet their criteria. So now I have a 7 Plus 128 gig, lots of storage, great battery life, no bloatware, and I can sync everything with my iPad and Mac. The new iMessage is awesome and the games within the messages is also done well. Do I miss anything from android??? sure... the alarm features and settings are done better on android, I can dismiss before they go off and they don't keep on ringing after I shut them off. Also, I miss the fact that I can hold down the wifi or Bluetooth and it will open that setting instantly so I can connect to whatever network or device.
  • I love Android for what it is but I am taking a break.
  • Moved from an LG G4 (international version [H815]) bootloader unlocked, rooted, running a custom ROM (Resurrection Remix). Now happily using an iPhone 7. Why did I make the move? Lots of small niggles, rather than any one major issue. But the biggest niggle was the lack of security updates - I could only receive them by flashing an entirely new ROM image every month.
  • Apologies for replying to myself, but now that I've thought some more about it, here are more detailed reasons for switching. 1. Stock Android is woefully lacking in interface niceties such as notification counts/badges, and subtle feedback to the user. It's a stark experience that is only improved by either using a 3rd party launcher, rooting and using Xposed modules, or flashing a custom ROM with added features. 2a. Battles between different vendors in an attempt to make their additions and interpretations of how Android »should« better than anyone else leads to increasing fragmentation and inconsistencies. Inconsistencies between and within manufacturers. 2b. Because of 2a, offering support to people can be extremely difficult. 3. The short lifespan of handsets. Every 6, 9, or 12 months is just too short a time, after which you're whistling in the wind for OS updates that never arrive, despite promises. 4. Security updates... or the lack of them. Rolled out whenever the manufacturer feels like it rather than shortly after Google makes them available. 5. Inconistent UI in apps. Despite Material Design being a couple of years old, there are too many apps that remain stuck in the past or in some weird UI **** that is incomprehensible. iOS isn't perfect (Settings is a mess), and there are plenty of little things that still annoy me about it (back button at the top left of the screen, for eg) but over fall I find it easier to use, and much better thought out. So, until my iPhone 7 reaches the end of its life, I'll be sticking with iOS. After that, we'll have to wait and see.
  • You can swipe the screen to the right in most apps as an alternative to reaching for the back button
  • You can get nova and Tesla unread counts without flashing the g4. The biggest bug boo about the g4 was I was dealing with 6 months of horrible battery before the software update came to solve it. And once in awhile the battery still acts up. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I said 'thrid party launcher'! And yes, I used Nova and Tesla. However, Tesla has a couple of quirks. For instance, if you have multiple email accounts, the badge counter won't work for them all (at least, it didn't for me when using the gmail app). I never had any battery issues, but did notice that sometimes the phone reported the battery as being at 100% for almost an entire day, which isn't very helpful. As for swiping to go back, it's not always implemented in that way. In Google Photos for example, if you view a photo, swiping will result in the previous / next image being displayed. That's understandable in a photo app. But the back button is still in the top left corner, the worst possible position when operating the phone right handed.
  • While I still have an android tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 w/ S pen. I just got so tired of the (barely) 3hr battery life on my Galaxy S6 and luckily the Iphone 7 came out at the right time, I wanted to get the 7+ but I wasn't waiting till November. I enjoy being able to put pictures on my computer (mac mini) from my phone and icloud library. It was either a pain or non-existent with the S6. And most importantly the battery is lasting me 15hrs with normal use (I'm a college student) and if I stretch it I can get up to 20hrs. Not sure if I will ever go back, there will have to be something amazing to bring me back to android for phones. I'm never getting rid of my G TabA, because I need the S pen.
  • I haven't switched, yet, but am tempted to. Primary reason being - inconsistency. On Android, one day I get awesome battery life, another day it is disastrous. Memory management is ****. Doze is hogwash and leads to notifications getting missed. Plus Google now nixed the Nexus line and is selling overpriced Pixel. So, I was very tempted to switch to iPhone this year. But, thought I will give it one last try since "Google is controlling both sw and hw this year". If it turns out to be another crap fest like all previous years, that will break the camel's back. One giant thing preventing me from switching to iPhones is - dependence on iTunes. I want to be able to plug-in my phone to my computer and be able to drag drop files to it. Photos, Music, video. As long as iPhone doesn't allow that, I can't switch to iPhone.
  • I know your frustration with iTunes, it's the biggest annoyance I have with the iPhone. That being said, I think most iPhone users get around it now by using cloud services. For example, if you have Dropbox, you somewhat have a file system to work with if you don't mind relying on an internet connection. Depending on the file, certain things you can access from Dropbox and save to the iPhone, e.g. PDF files, photos. You can also store most files offline to be accessed through the Dropbox app https://www.dropbox.com/help/87 and if you create a file on the iPhone you can usually save to Dropbox as well. I agree it's not the best solution, especially if you have limited data, but if you don't mind that then it works pretty well
  • I don't think cloud storage is a good idea. I'm sure there's a good alternative to iTunes or some wi-fi solution like push bullet. For photos you got yourself covered with Google photos , one drive and icloud. For music and videos you can wi-fi to vlc but that's not exactly ideal. USB OTG is more straightforward. I'm wondering if you can get the sandisk lightning cable with 128gb to do the trick. Haven't tried one of those. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Your best work around for what you want is to use Google services. You can likely upload your entire music collect to Google play Music for free and sync as much of it as you would like through that service. For any other media that you would like to synch Google Drive has you covered and they are much more liberal with promotional storage than Dropbox. The Google ecosystem has fantastic support on IOS, and makes it a much more useful secondary OS.
  • Moved from a S6 to a iPhone 7. I had the opportunity to use a 6S for a week before I decided. I use T-Mobile. One large reason for the switch was that WiFi calling on the iPhone is VASTLY superior to what the S6 did. I dreaded making calls with the S6. With the iPhone I don't notice any difference between WiFi calls and network calls. I also changed because of all the customization features that Android has. Found myself tinkering with the S6 to the point of just wasting time. I'm over that. Also, I found the iOS keyboard to be far better than anything on the Android side (I don't Swype). It's auto-predict and word-correction features are way past anything on Android. I think that is the one thing that surprised me the most. I find the UI to be more consistent with the iPhone (esp compared to the Galaxy phone). The only thing that kept me from making the switch was that I'm invested in Google Services. But their iOS apps are solid, and helped me make the switch fairly comfortably. EDIT: I also wanted iMessage, which is fantastic.
  • It seems to be the people that have gotten used to Swype don't like the Apple keyboard solely for its inability to do that. I tried Swype and it just wasn't for me, I've spent most of my life using computers with a physical keyboard, I'm used to touch-typing without looking at the keyboard which is unfortunately something you can't really do on a touch-screen keyboard, but the iPhone keyboard is the closest thing I've got to a good keyboard on a touch-screen. I like to type two-handed like I do on a physical keyboard, I just can't get used to Swype. It feels weird that I have to do it with one hand, and I can't get used to the positions of the letters when swyping, I either go too far or too short and then you get some really bizarre suggestions. There's also the factor that I don't like using autocorrect which Swype forces you to do because of how it works. Fair enough if you're a Swype fan and it works well for you, but as far as non-Swype keyboards go I've definitely found the iPhone one to be the best
  • I think I'm replying to too many comments but here's another. I'm doing the same, I'm day in day out trying to change my screen adding little functionalities to the system. Recently started to delete some of the customisation, sometimes I don't know if it's messing with my system or eating away at my battery. Now I'm down to black background, just nova running with 1 widget. Deleted text expander on android since it sometimes don't work in most apps. And since I'm on the Mac and old iPhone also, the text expander on the iPhone seems to work a whole lot better. They sync up. iPhones are expensive, I'll just wait for the 7s or 8, just want a better camera and smaller size on the plus. Think the LG and Samsung camera are still better now. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • This whole Note 7 fiasco really turned me off of Samsung. I went to a Iphone 7 Plus when I finally returned my second Note 7. Iphone has always had a superior OS, it's the lack of customization and other features that Androids allow that has kept me from buying an Iphone in the past few year. I am liking the speed and the battery life on the new 7 plus, and the low light camera is superior to the Note 7.
  • I was on a 5S for about a year before I made the switch to a Nexus 6. At the time I wanted an unlocked, stock Android phone, that worked on Verizon. I also wanted a 5.5"+ screen. I loved the Nexus 6, but unfortunately I shattered the screen about a month ago. I wasn't liking what I was seeing as far as rumors at the time around Pixel phones. If I was going to stick with Android, it was either going to be a Google imagined phone, or I was going to get the Note 7. Well since the Note 7 became a non-factor, and, IMO, the Pixel phones are hideous, and overpriced for stock Android, I got an iPhone 7+ instead. I wish I could marry the two OS experiences together, but I can't. I think iOS gives you a better experience within applications, while I feel Android gives you a better OS experience. It's really up to you what you prefer. At this point, I want a phone that is smooth, gets timely updates, has support, 5.5"+ screen, and has an operating system that I feel warrants the price. Google failed me on the final requirement.
  • That's pretty much my exact view of Android compared to iOS. You can somewhat marry the two together by jailbreaking, although then you can't get the latest updates. Each iOS update seems to get closer and closer to marrying the two together as well. Custom keyboards, quick toggles for Wi-Fi bluetooth, notification center to name some
  • Was considering trying iP7, but in the end could not afford its price tag and was, also, let down by the missing headphone jack. Went for a mid-range Android instead. I'll re-assess the situation again next year.
  • The situation next year will be that the iPhone still doesn't have a headphone jack and more phones also won't come with a headphone jack too. Time to move on with technology
  • I was initially furious to hear that Apple would remove the headphone jack. I'm a headphone guy. Not ear buds, but real over the ear headphones. I have been for over 40 years. So I reluctantly bought the 7 Plus. I also bought the 9 dollar mini plug to lightning adapter. Problem solved. Then when the issue of the inability to charge the phone and listen at the same time arose, I bought the adapter with 2 lightning inputs. Problem solved. I don't know why I was so initially angered when there was no real issue.
  • I switched from the Note 7 to an iPhone 6S Plus once the first recall happened. It took a bit of negotiating with my carrier as I had received an extra credit for trading in a previous Samsung device to get the Note. I've had several issues with Android devices in the past and felt that I needed a change. A month in, and so far I'm very happy with my decision. Sent from the iMore App
  • I just switch to the iPhone 7 plus from the Blackberry priv. I am having a hard time with the change. While I like that my phone does not get burning hot I hate the email system of the iPhone. The BB hub is way better that any alternatives I could find.
    Anyone know a reliable app with color coding for email. I have 6 different emails and it very hard to tell what email come from which account .
  • Apparently a BlackBerry Hub app for the iPhone is in the works
  • I think you're going to find the BB Hub is the best thing going for any type of message.
    http://blogs.blackberry.com/2016/08/bringing-the-quintessential-blackber... Previous link^ demands ad-ransom if you're using an adblocker.
  • Apologies, I did a quick Google to see if the app was available for iOS, found an article and just posted it here
  • I plan on switching the other way, to Android as I'm tired of the limitations of iOS and of Apple with the way they treat us as customers whenever there's been an issue like "Antenna Gate" where Apple never apologised and just said"you're holding it wrong" and "Touch Disease" with the iPhone 6 which Apple still hasn't owned up or acknowledged the issue. Samsung with the Note 7 issues apologised and it makes me glad I'm switching to Samsung and back to Android and a real smartphone with the best camera and Despite what many on here say, Samsung are actually pushing innovation unlike Apple who's design is getting old and outdated now. Sent from the iMore App
  • Holy cow!! definitely didn't expect that coming for you!
  • in all fairness. all those things Apple has on every new iOS problems, compares nothing to a recall of a phone. The rest is user's views.
  • I don't agree with that, but more important "his views" are precisely what this site asked for, what's the problem? Maybe read the text inside the comment box..
  • I don't recall Tech198 saying anything about not leaving your views, you read far too much into what he said and twisted his words. He's right, no matter what issues iOS or the iPhone has, it certainly doesn't compare to the catastrophe that is the Note 7 recall, they're not even making Note 7's anymore
  • Old, acquainted, mature and stable if that's what you mean! Sent from the iMore App
  • +1
  • Comparing Antenna Gate or "Touch Disease" to a manufacturing fault that that exists in ALL Note 7's, that is a risk to people's health and forced the phone to be recalled and then stopped entirely, is really silly. Apple did respond incorrectly to the Antenna gate issue, and it was a very embarrassing issue that happened on all iPhone 4's, I'll agree with you on that one, but it doesn't compare to a phone setting on fire which is a danger to people's health and forces the phone to be recalled. Touch Disease seems to be happening to a small number of people, I don't know whether Apple's acknowledged the issue but I know if you go to an Apple Store they will replace the device for you, with one that works, not like Samsung replacing a dangerous Note 7 with another dangerous Note 7, then giving up entirely. If this is Samsung pushing innovation, then I'd question if you know what the definition of innovation really is
  • My first smartphone was an iPhone 4, back in late 2010. It was a good experience of course but a bigger and more beautiful screen on the Galaxy S3 was my reason to switch to Android. A year after that I bought the Note 3, it took some getting used to a 15 cm tall phone but it was worth it. Then I was so into geeking around my phone so Android was the perfect OS for me. When the HTC ONE M8 came out I simply had to have it so I bought it in mid 2014. This was the best device I had. But, then I didn't have much time to geek around on my device, but also wanted to try something else. Windows was never an option. When Apple finally released a normal sized phone I was intrigued by it of course, but it took me til April 2015 to buy an iPhone 6. It was a lil weird to have to handle that smaller screen but as I was familiar with iOS it was an easy transition. I'm still on it, rocking iOS 9.3.5.
    One thing about the article above: how can you mention iOS 10 as a feature, as a plus side? Tested it for a week and went back to the mature 9.3.5. I'm really not into spending €900 for a same looking device, mostly because the new phones don't even have new designs, they offer improvements that are really not that essential. Speed? It doesn't get faster than iOS, my iP6 is honestlyvery fast for me. 3D touch? Stickers on messages? Seriously Apple?
    I considered switching to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but I have a feeling that the S8 will be a beast now that the NOTE7 failed brutally. Maybe I'll even wait for the 2017 iPhone, but Apple has to deliver something drastically different than the stuff they offer in this uncreative year (SE & iP7) to make me stay.
    Android has evolved so much that Apple hasn't that many advantages left. Apple stores and security are things I appreciate very much, the other things not so much as before.
  • 3D touch is great, I love the shortcuts and being able to swipe to a different app by using it. The stickers on iMessage are welcome too, maybe they don't appeal to everyone but me and my friends have fun using them
  • Please, for all the people complaining about the back button in the top left corner. Swipe from the left edge of the screen and see what happens!!! Also if you have an iPhone 6s/6s+ or newer, 3d touch on the left edge and then swipe to the right. See what happens!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Anubhavmajumder, i had the iPhone 6, then switched to the 7 Plus in September. I didn't know about the left edge swipe feature. And I certainly didn't know about the 3D Touch on the left edge either. Thank you very much for the info. I've always been an Apple fan but did have Android phones before and did miss the back button. Now I don't need to worry about it anymore. Thanks.
  • I went from a Galaxy S7 Edge to 7 Plus primarily because of the water resistance, ever since I lost a phone having to jump into a pool to save my daughter I require water resistance for my phone. I can honestly say I truly appreciate both iOS and Android but as my wife and daughter have iOS devices it makes it easier for us to share stuff, and my daughter loves that she can FaceTime me now. Sent from the iMore App
  • Not only is the S7 edge water resistant (ip68), its even more water resistant than the iPhone 7 Plus you traded in for (ip67).
  • I had an Note 7, Pixel C, and Huawei Watch. Sold on Ebay as soon as the explosive stuff with the note 7 happened. I now have an iPhone 6S Plus (waiting on my preorder 7 Plus) , iPad Pro (9.7), and Apple Watch. The explosion incident with android was just the tipping point for me. Android is great, but so is iOS. With iOS and iPhones i know i have a quality piece of hardware that i don't have to worry about. They all work together seamlessly and I don't have to worry about support.
  • Id be more interested to hear those comments who choose to stick with their Note 7's and why... I still come to the same conclusion, its a phone you bought... Then again, i'm always a risk taker..
  • I switched from a Note 5 and 7 to an iPhone 7 plus for a couple of reasons. 1. OS and security updates
    2. Better and more predictable battery life. No more mystery battery drains that leave me with an almost dead phone.
    3. More polished OS and Apps with important features that work better. (granted Android is more flexible and customizable, but I believe it comes at the expense of polish).
    4. Better support from Apple. A broken screen on a Note 5 costs $250 and takes weeks to turnaround, iPhone is $129 and takes hours (many Apple stores in my area). I hope that Google's Pixel phone matures in a couple of iterations to equalize these issues - I'm an Android fan, but for now, iPhones are more stable - even if a little restrictive and boring.
  • It's a very, VERY stupid risk to take to keep the Note 7, considering every Note 7 has the possibility of setting on fire
  • I switched back to iOS (iPhone 7 Plus) after about six months with a Galaxy S7. The camera was horrible, and I really missed iOS Messages.
  • I switch from Android to iPhone because he is unique gadget and icon for all smart phones. Only cell phone with soul because his fans very fast become familiar with their friends and love him more than Android owners their "entertainment capabilities". Because economic situation in my country Serbia I couldn't afford iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 but iPhone SE for 275 euro on 24 months contract with my ADSL provider looks as good option. Most of time I had Samsung phones even before smart phones and always after purchase I give phone to experts to check is it original hardware, battery, etc.. but last 2-3 years I didn't use some cell phones from higher class. Samsung Galaxy S2 and borrowed iPhone 4s from my friend was my last cell phones before iPhone SE. But looking 5s/6s/6S Plus In hands of other people and compare to Androids I knew If I need to invest little more in cell phone that would be iPhone with his stable and always new iOS.. I'm old school and I love when some gadgets work long time and get support and new iOS constantly. For me is more important processor and simple, easy but interesting and stable iOS than more pixels in camera.
    I like unique and attractive look of iPhone and philosophy of Apple and Steve Jobs is interesting and who understand that can't ignore iPhone and for most of them specifications on paper are not important... Cell phones with Octa Cores Chip, and similar things... same as Intel i7 with 4 core beat AMD with 8 cores. You pay for specifications and when you charge phone second time new China's model with better specifications are launched. For me all smartphone androids look bored and same except iPhone. Because I use strong PC for entertainment Androids can't miss me. I use cell phone for calls, reading and receiving mails, sms, notes, calendar for important dates or events, and sometimes to check something over browser or video clip. I didn't had money for more than 16GB but because I don't look movies or play games on iPhone I hope 16GB will be enough for everything and 30-40min music. Because I plan to stay with iPhone I will invest in great new iXpand Flash drive in future. He is useful for OS installation on PC and flashing motherboard BIOS with his USB 3.0 and compatible as storage for iPhone/iPad and I will use him with next iPhones as well because it's perfect for travels.
    One thing mean a lot to me, feelings of iPhone owners and how they love their iPhone. iPhone is something more than only cell phone, obvious... Its fact that old, first iPhone models in fabric sealed box reach very high price on eBay ready for collections. From other side who will collect Samsung Galaxy, Xperia, LG... androids they are forgotten and abandoned when new model is launched and all campaign is to show dominance over previous model and underline advantage over iPhone. I have feeling that people with higher IQ will rather choose iOS and iPhone than Android if they first time met them. And there are many users on net who had Androids, play with them month and later everything what they do work better on iPhone and after some time they upgrade on iPhone. I heard a lot of stories about Androids who slow down after some time and show different problems and people who still use excellent iPhone 5s and new iOS 10. Because of that CPU in iPhone SE is not overkill as some people say for his size and resolution. He will need strong CPU when different applications change over time in future he need to stay fast and stable as always. I'm amazed and how iPhone SE (non Waterproof) behave under water and work even after 15 minutes on test. People have good chance with him compare to iPhone 5s or other non waterproof cell phones if accidentally drop in water. But iPhone 7 Matt Black or only Black is best cell phone on market without doubt... He is so cool and attractive and probably so nice to keep in hand. Simple Androids will never be so wanted as iPhone from simple reason iPhone is found as unique idea of people from Apple and Steve Jobs vision and Androids as Samsung Galaxy are found to catch iPhone customers take their money and to beat iPhone.
    I respect Samsung and his dominance in world of SSD, M.2, RAM, Video Memory but with cell phone things are not so simple and competitor is much stronger than on other fields. From distance I only recognize when someone have iPhone, others are very similar, no unique look, sign and characteristic for specific brand as Apple. I don't look on iPhone SE as iPhone for poor people, it's cheaper and nice for people who can't afford newest model but have powerful hardware.. Screen is smaller but it's very nice for pocket. For most people is perfect 4.7" on 6s and 7 if they want and phone for pocket and nice size for net and video clips.
  • I bought two 7+s for resale and needed one more. I held on to it for a week then sent it away. iPhones look and feel like a kids toy to me, I absolutely prefer the openness of Android and I'll never be able to partner with Itunes again.. I own four 'almost new' phones and two hotspots so I won't bother listing them. And noo, I'm not a fan of Windows. BTW, you guys need to pull a nice demi-bold font from google for your Firefox users. Whatever you're specifying looks like garbage here, it has a peculiar ragged edge.
  • You can still do pretty much anything you need to on the iPhone unless you rely on accessing the file-system. I agree iTunes isn't great and having to use it to transfer things is a pain in the ***. As for the font on this website, they're using a font smoothing rule and they've forgotten to include the Firefox version. If you can find an addon or something which allows you to put site specific styling, you need to add this: body{
    -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
    } This makes it look the same as on Chrome/Safari
  • I love the Android OS, but the reason I changed to an iphone 7 plus was to try something different. I have been using Android phones since the original droid. I love everything about Android, but i really just wanted to try something different than what I had been using for so long. Now that iOS is a lot more polished than when it originally came out I am enjoying the experience.
  • Three words - Samsung, Note, Explosion
  • Got the 7 Plus, after I had to return my Note 7 for the 2nd time. I've been and Android user since 2011, and love it. But since there's nothing similar to a Note phone out there, I was thinking that now would be a good time to give iPhone a chance. Yes, the phone performs well, and it has a premium built, but I miss the fluency of Android. Why, Apple, you don't allow the apps to talk to each other? Why do I have to copy and address from email, or sms, and paste it in Maps, and not just click on it to open the app? Why do I have to copy/paste a phone number instead of clicking on it to place the call? Feels like I went back to 2013, hopefully Apple will catch-up quick, because little things like these are what make a smartphone truly smart.
    Oh, and one more thing: built-in camera app! 4:3 and no 16:9? Unless I'm shooting a video at the same time? Are you kidding me?
  • In terms of apps talking to each other, that's something that's improving, for example if you install certain apps they can provide extensions in Safari, and apps can now support Siri, but yeah it's not as good as Android, although it does seem to be something Apple is working on. Clicking on emails and phone numbers should lead you to the correct apps, that's what it does for me, I'm not sure why that's not working for you. I've personally never had a problem with the picture ratio in the camera app, but I'm no real photographer to be honest. I use a camera app from the App Store to get more access to manual controls, they should also provide that option too
  • i use workflow and other extensions
  • I switched because of the whole Note 7 disaster. I have been using Android only devices for a few years now. After returning my Note 7 twice I decide I need something different. The iPhone 7 plus was the next best device on the market right now in my opinion. IOS 10 has finally made IPhone a device I can use without compromise. I had to switch from the Note 7 to an iPhone 6s Plus 16g as an interim device while I wait till November to get an iPhone 7 plus. It's nice to finally have a device that always works and not catching fire is a plus... 7 plus that is.
  • Note 5 was a great phone, fast charge, wireless charge, nice screen. Then marshmallow hit and things went downhill. Battery life sucked and the phone overheated three times. That's when I decided to go for the iPhone 7 plus
  • I switched from an S7 Edge because I need consistency. I don't have reception at work so I rely heavily on wifi calling and I have to reboot my Edge 2-3 times a day to get wifi calling to work again. I also can't believe that even with top of the line specs performance can be so hitchy. Especially chrome. Plus my wife is on an iPhone and it's just more convenient for both of us to be on the same platform. I know iOS has it's own issues too and in a perfect world Windows Phone would have all parity of apps but they don't so I choose to live with iOS's issues.
  • iOS's main issue is a lack of customization (no real customization of the Springboard, no way to set default apps) and no access to the file-system (including copying files directly to the device without using iTunes). Apart from these two things, there's nothing else on iOS that disadvantages me personally
  • I switched from the HTC M9. The phone was a laggy horrid mess with a battery that couldn't support the majority of features. While all the reasons mentioned above in your article and the bad experience I had with the M9 played a roll the biggest reason I switched is the lack of "Google Made" devices on major carriers. I still very much prefer android (sorry everyone) but the lack of availability of non bloat loaded phones finally pushed me away.
  • I switched from a Galaxy S7 Edge. Wasn't really for any of the above mentioned reasons, I just ended up getting too annoyed by lots of little things on Android that aren't really on iOS and I didn't really need any of the pros that Android offers vs iOS. Things like better battery life, better updates, better response, less lag, less bugs, better apps, etc...
  • Haven't switched yet but it's around the corner. Getting a 7 plus next month.
    Google has now proven with the pixel that they can also get greedy and demand unreasonable prices for nothing special (yes, just like Apple). And since the only good Android devices are stock Android devices it's no longer worth it.
    So I decided to leave the Android train and join my girlfriend. So basically cus of iMessage and and other iPhone to iPhone goodies.
  • Switched back to iOS via 7 + after 3 years because since I left, I got rid of my home and office phones. I was missing texts and didn't have support when my phone was acting up.
    I had forgotten how great apps are on iOS versus Android.... It's not even close. I would love to have chatheads for my texts.... But all other is good. The battery is great and I don't miss anything else. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched to the 6S earlier this year mostly out of worry. I wanted my wife and kids on iOS due to the fact that Apple updates and supports their phones a lot longer than Android. I generally miss how Android handles notifications, their swipe keyboards, and being able to plug into my computer and being able to copy and paste things back and forth. I enjoy Continuity between my iPhone and iPad Mini, Apple Pay, app performance, and plugging my phone into my car stereo and it just works. Most of all, I enjoy the fact that all the family phones will get software updates when Apple releases them, not when the manufacturer and carrier decide I should get them.
  • You can get the swipe keyboard by downloading a custom keyboard from the App Store. Notifications work pretty similarly on iOS now, I assume you're missing the icons at the top of the screen, I wish iOS had that as well, it's a very empty area.
  • I had the Note 7 two times and the recalls coast me a lot of time and money in accessories I haven't had an iPhone since the iPhone 4 so I decided to give it a try and got the iPhone 7 Black 256GB little smaller than the note 7 but I kind of like the smaller phone so far so good Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from being a Samsung android girl for every tablet and smartphone I've used for the past few years.
    However, I got an iPad mini 3, earlier this year and I absolutely love it!
    My reason for getting the iPad mini 3 was because of a gift of Bowers & Wilkins headphones that I received for Christmas, last year!
    I knew that the best possible digitally downloaded music files, could only be heard with using the iOS platform, (after doing tons of research!)
    I got an iPhone 7 Plus, and I was coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Having cast aside my other tablets, I was ready for an upgrade to my phone after 2 years.
    I was briefly looking at the Samsung Note 7, but knowing that I really wanted the iPhone 7 Plus!
    However, an exploding smartphone is not my idea of a smart investment!
    I really wanted to switch to the iPhone 7 Plus, so I pre-ordered it on September 15th, and received it on the 30th!
    I've had this phone for a couple of weeks, now, and I am thrilled beyond belief!!!!
    I couldn't be happier with my decision. I got my iPhone 7 Plus, with 256GB of memory, so that I knew this would truly handle everything I would expect from it...and it would go with me for the long-haul!
    I knew this phone would not become an obsolete device, ahead of time, as soon as it arrived at my doorstep!!!!
    That's what I had come to expect, after using the Samsung S3, Note 3 and the Note 4 Android smartphones that I had previously!
    They all take so much memory to run, wasting precious internal storage room that is much-needed for other reasons!
    I didn't want my new phone to become slow, sluggish and obsolete, way before its time!
    I knew from experience that Samsung or any other android phones, weren't ever going to have enough internal memory for me, no matter what external memory card I could have added to it!
    It's important to know that android phones will not/do not, run apps and the phone itself from an external memory card!
    Once you get your Android phone set up, you've already lost half of the internal memory just by running the phone! The apps didn't eat up the memory, running the phone did!
    I did not want to have that experience ever again!
    With the iPhone 7 Plus, I didn't have to worry about that, issue, for even one moment.
    Verizon Wireless is my carrier, and I'm so thrilled to have their network, on which to use this incredible iPhone with!
    I'm so glad I took the leap!!!
    I should have done it sooner, but this worked out to be the right time for me!
    By the way, my music sounds impeccable!
    I've learned that the iOS platform is really the very best, and anything less isn't even worth considering!
    Believe me, it's great to finally have this phone!
    Maybe I'll upgrade my iPad mini 3, tablet to the iPad mini 4, unless a newer version becomes available for Christmas, this year!
    That would be absolute perfection, for me! Sent from the iMore App
  • i switch phones every six month or so. the galaxy S7 edge is in everything better. there is nothing i can not do better with an android however somehow an apple fan boy that likes apple products. love my macbook or iMac a lot and easy to use an iphone.
    i am always excited getting new updates.
  • I switched from my beloved Note 7 that is so smart and never never got hot and the pictures are incredible and screen crystal clear beautiful colors on the screen..i am mad at Samsung who I have most products purchased from...i waited 3 models for my Note7 then to be Forced to give it back and downgrade to a S7 or Note 5..really? Nothing suits me so I picked my IPhone 7 plus 128gb rose gold.
    Not sure about how I will like but at least I am not buying an old model phone or a problematic S7...so Apple has another convert.
  • I recently switched to iPhone after 5 years on Android, primarily for iMessage. Despite Android's reputedly higher share of the market, 99% of my contacts use iPhone. Much better than the confusing mess Google has with Hangouts, Messenger, Google Voice, Allo, and Duo. The other advantage is that iPhone, unlike Android, never unexpectedly runs my battery down overnight while doing nothing. Siri isn't nearly as good as Google Now, but there are enough workarounds. I miss push mail for my gmail, but there are other mail apps to cover for that.
  • I realize this is late but I switched purely because of the issues with the Samsung Note 7. I had the Samsung Note 2 and then 4. My contract was about to be up with my carrier, and since the Note 7 was no longer an option I decided to make the switch to the iPhone Plus 7. After years of having a large screen, I couldn't go back to a regular sized phone. Since switching, I found that I didn't really have a tough time adjusting and actually like iPhone better. Everything about the phone and it's system is pretty straightforward and I find it easier to navigate. Another reason was the amount of music I purchase from iTunes. It was always a bit of a pain to always be trying to transfer music onto my android phone, where as now it automatically syncs.. so for me I guess it made sense to switch. I was always against apple, but now I don't know why I waited so long.
  • I switched from Lumia 950 to iPhone 7. Why? Because I'm tired of months of promises. They actually made Lumia 950 more stable, but in comparison with WP8.1 phones, Lumia 950 is terrribly slow. Some essential apps are still unstable and takes lot of time to load ... The only Pro for Lumia 950 is a camera, but not overall. Autofocus is really slow compared to iPhone 7 and many times focuses incorrectly, especially in lowlight. The camera is perfect only in manual mode. So my overall user experience of Lumia 950 is poor. I also have issues with warranty repair, but this is probably just a specific problem of the country where I live.
    I got my iPhone 7 on Black Friday and I'm absolutely satisfied with speed, battery life, GUI ... The only one remorse is to charging speed, which shold be better with iPad's adaptor.
  • Cool ty for the info, many articles agree that quick charging feature on android, damage battery life, still its a nice features if you are in a hurry.
  • I switched from a 5x to a 6s and it's okay. iOS is more organized and quicker overall less lag but it's like going back in time to 2012. First of all and my biggest issue is with iTunes I can't sync music over easily I don't buy music from iTunes so I just download mp3s and most of the files won't sync to my iPhone. Second of all I can only sync with one library third of all I have a hard time downloading YouTube videos. The phone works fine good call quality good wireless speed but the music thing bothers me and no fast charging either.
  • To be fair having to sync with iTunes has always been an iPhone thing, nothing to do with it feeling like 2012, and I agree I hate it too. Why do you need to download YouTube videos, unless you're pirating music? I think there are apps for it, but since it's illegal it's not going to be something that's easy to do. Easy to do on Android, sure, you can get any app you want, but doing illegal stuff on the iPhone has always been something difficult, and if you're into pirating music/videos then the iPhone probably isn't the phone for you. If you want faster charging, try using an iPad charger with the iPhone
  • I switched to a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. Got tired of tinkering and messing with the settings in Android to try to get the phone perfect. I'm getting super battery life out of the 7 Plus, and everything just works. Plus, everybody in my family has an iPhone so FaceTime is an option now for me. Also picked up an Apple Watch. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched from LG G4, aided by Target's $250 gift card offer. My wife has always had an iPhone, and while I can customize my UI and do more with my LG, her iPhone was always smoother. After a while, you get tired of the stutters in the UI on a daily basis.
  • yes i turned in my t-mobile galaxy s7 for the iphone 7 overall just got bored with android. really liking ios something different.
  • I went in to the local T-Mobile store on Black Friday and used my Jump! upgrade to switch out my Galaxy S7 for the iPhone 7. I've used every single smartphone platform over the past ten years and I kind of missed the tight integration that Apple provides with the iOS experience. While I still think iOS notifications are a hot mess and I miss being able to customize my home screen I do look forward to timely OS updates to my device. Memory management seems to always be better on iOS and apps on the platform always seem a bit "better" than their Android versions. I got the Jet Black 128GB and skipped the iPhone 7 Plus as I don't really want a large phone and don't think the extra camera would be that important to me.