WiFi Thermostats

WiFi thermostats are becoming more and more a central part of the smart home, not only controlling the climate, but also integrating with other connected devices throughout the house. While there used to only be one or two big name devices from which to choose, now there are a handful of awesome smart thermostats set to do thy bidding. Some of the bigger names include ecobee, Nest, Honeywell Lyric, Trane ComfortLink, and American Standard's AccuLink. The most popular amongst iOS users is of course the [HomeKit-enabled ecobee 3](/ecobee-announces-first-homekit-enabled-smart-thermostat], which is sporting a full set of smart features including extensive HomeKit features.

Smart thermostats can function on a basic level, controlling the heating and cooling in your home, but they also do much more. These devices can be set on a schedule to save on energy costs, and most even know if you're home or not and can adjust the temperature accordingly so you don't have to. The smart features can be controlled either on the device itself, through a web portal, or with a companion app on your phone. You can choose to receive alerts for certain events (temperature thresholds, filter changes, system issues) so you'll also know just how your system is functioning. Some even go above and beyond with extras benefits, like the ecobee 3's remote sensors for monitoring more than one room in your home.

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