Don't miss your chance to save $80 on an ecobee SmartCamera with HomeKit

ecobee SmartCamera on a table top in front of a window
ecobee SmartCamera on a table top in front of a window (Image credit: Christopher Close / iMore)

Although Cyber Monday sales are winding down, there is still time to save on some excellent smart home accessories, like this camera from ecobee. The ecobee SmartCamera, which is down to just $100 on Amazon currently, packs in a ton for the price — 1080p high definition image quality, motion tracking, HomeKit, wireless hub functionality, and Alexa on-board, it can do it all. Don't miss your chance to protect your home with this crazy good camera deal!

Haven, HomeKit, and hub

In my review of the ecobee SmartCamera earlier this year, I was extremely impressed by the 1080p high definition visuals as recorded video and live streaming produced a crystal clear view of my home both during the day and at night. I was also blown-away by the incredibly slick tracking feature that follows the action within its view by digital panning and zooming.

ecobee's Haven Home Monitoring subcription service allows the camera to work in conjunction with the ecobee SmartThermostat or pick for Best HomeKit Thermostat, as well as with the SmartSensor for Doors and Windows, and the basic SmartSensors used for monitoring temperature.

All of the ecobee devices can send you notifications the moment activity is detected while you are away by leveraging presence detection capabilities, and it can also be used to make smart heating and cooling adjustments. Oh and the SmartCamera also works as a hub for the SmartSensors for Doors and Windows, so you can use it to build out your own DIY security system.

Of course, I also really like how the ecobee SmartCamera plays nicely with HomeKit, which puts its live view available directly through the Home app on all of my Apple devices. Through HomeKit, the ecobee SmartCamera can turn on the lights automatically when it picks up motion, or it can be used as an intercom thanks to a great sounding internal speaker.

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