Best HomeKit thermostats for the Home app in 2024

If you've ever found yourself wondering if it's possible to control your heating with your phone or your voice, then you've also probably looked up the best smart Homekit thermostats. They are a great way of making your home smarter, and they can even help you save money on your heating bill, as you can more easily control what your heating is doing.

They connect to the HomeApp, and then you can set up clever automation that will set your heating depending on different variables. It might turn on and off at certain times of day, switch on when it goes below a certain temperature, or it might get heating when you unlock your smart lock. There are loads of possibilities, all opened up with a smart thermostat.

If you're looking for the best smart thermostats, then we've got you covered here.

The best HomeKit thermostats - Quick List

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Which is the best HomeKit Thermostat for me?

Having one of the best HomeKit thermostats in your home enables some pretty cool features, such as voice control and scheduling. HomeKit also lets you tie in your new thermostat with other accessories, like the best HomeKit door locks, bringing things to life through automation and scenes. Of course, nothing is cooler than cranking up the heater from the comforts of your bed on-demand through the Home app, which all of our picks provide.

What thermostats are compatible with HomeKit?

There are several brands that have included Home app and HomeKit standard support in their smart thermostat ranges. HomeKit Thermostats are available from Bryant, Carrier, ecobee, Netatmo, Emerson, Eve, Heatmiser, Heran, Hive, iDeices, Legrand, Lennox, Mysa, Schluter, Polypipe, Nu-Heat, Netatmo, Sensi, Sinopé, T9, tado°, LUX, Meross, Mysa, and Honeywell Home.

Is Nest Thermostat HomeKit compatible?

The Nest Thermostat doesn't officially support HomeKit. However, thanks to the new Matter smart home standard, it can be used with your Apple Home ecosystem just like any other HomeKit device. The Nest Smart Thermostat from 2020 was upgraded with Matter support in April, 2023. 

Is Ecobee HomeKit compatible?

Yes, nearly all ecobee thermostats work with HomeKit except some of the earliest ecobee3 thermostats. 

How can a HomeKit thermostat help me save money

For one, you can change it remotely, so there's not need to worry about forgetting to change the temprature when you leave the house. You can also set it to turn off at certain times, or if it's not cool enough to warrant the heating being on. A smart thermostat allows you to manage your heating better, and gives you greater control over the temperature in your home. 

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