Are you planning on switching to iPhone for Apple Watch?

In a recent survey, thirteen percent of respondents who didn't own an iPhone said they'd consider buying one just to get an Apple Watch. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, also recently said that more Android owners were switching to iPhone than ever before. Combine them together, and that's potentially millions of first-time smartphone buyers and Android converts ready to put Apple products in their pockets and on their wrists this month. Are you one of them?


Logging. Controlling. Authenticating. Alerting. Communicating. These are all important things. They're things we need and want. But they're also brief things. They're intermittent and unpredictable things. They're things that the Apple watch will be able to do more efficiently — maybe even better — than our phones. By taking these things out of our pockets or purses and putting them on our wrists, the result is faster, more efficient, more subtle, and more socially acceptable interactions. In other words, less stressful and more enjoyable lives.


There have been numerous fitness bands and trackers over the years, but Apple has taken health and fitness to a new level with the watch. It doesn't just track activity and heart rate to measure walking, running, and stair climbing; it logs rowing machines and exercise bikes; it reminds you to stand up and move around, and rewards you for it. It makes the Apple Watch especially compelling. It can not only help quantify your life; it can become your virtual personal trainer.

Remote control

Apple Watch: Remote control

The watch as remote control is something Apple hasn't shown off as much, but something that's incredibly interesting. With the Apple Watch, you can remotely access the viewfinder on your iPhone's iSight camera. It can also control your iPhone's music playback, both locally stored music and from iTunes Match. If your iPhone is streaming to AirPlay-enabled speakers, whether you're in your office or at the lake, you can control all of that as well, right from your wrist. Similar to the Remote app for iOS, the Remote app for the Apple Watch lets you connect to any Apple TV you own, at home or at work, along with any iTunes library on your Mac or Windows PC. As cool as media remotes could to be, the bigger promise is home automation. With Siri, Apple's personal digital assistant, and HomeKit, the company's accessory interface framework, you'll be able to do everything from opening and closing doors to setting lights to changing the temperature and more. And all with a word.

Digital wallet and keychain

How Apple Watch will be your digital wallet... and keychain

Something else that will be compelling to many is Apple Watch as digital wallet and keychain. We've seen Apple Pay already, but when it comes to authentication, there's a lot more to see. The app, for example, will not only let you monitor a live feed of your home from your Apple Watch but also do things like open or close your garage door, even when you're far from home. The Starwood Hotel & Resorts app — think W and Aloft — will not only lets you check in and find your room, right from the Apple Watch, but it lets you open the door as well. And there's a lot more to come.

Before and after

If you look at phones before the iPhone, and then look again after, you can see the divide as clearly as any great extinction layer in the earth. Nothing was the same. Whether the Apple Watch can do that for wearable we'll have to wait and see. If it can, you can be in on the ground floor of the next big step forward in mobile computing. You can help discover it. All that, and you get an iPhone as well. Great hardware and great software, both working together in a way no other manufacturer has managed to duplicate, not when it comes to both operating system and apps.

Time to switch

We've been getting a lot of questions from people considering switching to the iPhone just to get the Apple Watch. (That's part of the reason we made the Apple Watch FAQ and Apple Watch buyers guide, after all.) If you're one of those people, let me know — are an Apple Watch and iPhone in your future? And if you're still on the fence, what are you looking for to help you decide?

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Won't be switching, per se, but I am picking up a (pre owned) 6+ this week ready to order a Watch on Friday. I switch between phones fairly regularly so I wouldn't say I am properly switching hehe. Have been enjoying using Android Wear (on a Sony SW 3) for the past few weeks though so curious to see how the Watch compares (assuming bandwidth + web sites hold up and I'm able to order one - sport 42mm for me).
  • Possibly one day but Apple will have to open itself up to more user control and customization. I have an iP6 from work but it sits in a drawer because I need easy device based file access and honestly nobody can touch the priority management of BB10. Watch interests me down the road for the potential but right now outside of a few gimmicks, there isn't much it can do that my Neo can't. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • That's what they've been doing since iOS7.
  • Sure... By iOS12 it might be where it needs to be to pull me back over. Sent from the iMore App
  • I will be returning more than likely thank heavens Apple now has a larger screen and the watch. Earliest will be August when my contract is up, If I had known how close Apple was to the larger screen I wouldn't have gone over to Windows
  • Nope. Posted with my Sony Xperia Z3 via the iMore App for Android
  • Like the watch, only issue is that ugly home screen. It makes a high tech watch look like a toy. The only other issue is $$$$$. Way over priced. (Make an appointment to try it on?) Ridiculous
    Love the different options but come on, the price is a killer and I'm not cheap, far from it.
  • Making an appointment to try it on is ridiculous? How is the standard "Buy it and hope you like the feel" any better? You are funny.. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes, it is. Typically, you walk into an establishment, try on one you like, and if it satisfies you, you purchase it then and there. Apple's method here, in an attempt to create the impression of exclusivity, makes things unnecessarily complicated.
  • Maybe they are anticipating a big turn out to purchase in store. When we get anything else we always know it is an evolution of the product line but the watch has some variables with the size, bands, and how it will look on one's wrist etc. Just a thought.
  • Appointements don't matter unless you aren't sure on the size of watch and band, Otherwise order online. If you go into the store you most likely won't get the watch on the 24th. Online ordering starts at 12:01pst us time. The price was a lot to choke on I agree 100%. I understand why however they eliminated a younger market (college and under) for the most part and I would think they would be more likely to buy the Apple Watch. For me it wasn't a question of can I afford it but more, do I want to pay 500-1k for a watch that will have a new version in a year.... If these had a 2 year life span I wouldn't have an issue however... I am getting one, just reluctantly because of the cost. The good thing is Apple holds it's value on resale so I'll sell it for 50% of what I paid to get the next one. So in the end it will pay off I guess... Next version they should make a cheaper one I think, less features or something whatever. the plastic apple watch LOL "Apple Watch C"
  • The home screen is secondary on the watch, you'll mostly interact with notifications. Also, it may be expensive, but it's the aluminum version isn't over priced. It's got tech in it that's valuable.
  • Sorry guys, "Convenience" and "Alerting" actually mean opposite things to me.
  • I have all social media alerts off. I get weather, major news, text and phone calls. (Most of which I'd rather not drag my phone out and handle on my wrist) Reminders, Calendar and all that interests me. Airplane boarding passes and hotel room keys are going to be much appreciated, in line at the airport trying to take off your shoes, hold luggage, pull out your laptop out of the bag and not drop/wrinkle/loose a boarding pass will be nice!
  • Why you'd likely enjoy an Apple watch. It solves for just that problem.
  • I may switch to another iPhone for one, such as the 6s plus or 7 plus. My current 6 plus can't even handle Spotify and safari running at the same time so I have serious doubt's about adding the extra strain of connecting a watch. 2gb ram pretty please. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Really? You need to bring that into a genius bar, that doesn't sound right to me, a 6+ should handle all that np.
  • Yeah you have a serious problem. That's not normal.
  • I currently use a 6+ as my daily driver but think I'm headed back to Android. The apple watch looks cool but it doesn't seem to do anything that I can't live without or something I didn't think I wanted to have but now have to have. The price is more than what I want to pay. I had the moto 360 and multiple other smart bands but they never seem to wow me. I'll wait till the reviews come in before I make a solid decision on the apple watch. Sent from the iMore App
  • Android is making an app for the 360 to work on iOS I think, may save you cash if you don't need to swap phones, just buy a moto. Just research the moto, many have had the backs cracking where they connect to the watchband
  • Yeah, certain watchband don't fit it right and add strain "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Fiber in Nashville? Save me based Google.
  • I owned the original iphone but switched to ipad when they came out. I have owned 7 different iPads and switched to an iPhone 6 plus from an air 2 in preparation for the Apple watch. The 6 plus works fine for me but I do miss a couple of things from the iPad. Most of my apps do support landscape mode except Flipboard and Facebook. I just changed to Paper for Facebook but it doesn't support landscape either. I also miss the multiple finger gestures that aren't supported on the 6 plus. I'm really looking forward to an Apple watch sport this week.
  • I've got a Nexus 5 and iPhone 4S. The Nexus is my daily phone and I defiantly won't be switching to iPhone anytime soon. Besides I have a Pebble which works great with Android and iOS. Even though I haven't used the apple watch, I have tried android wear watches and I choose the Pebble over all of them. Can't beat the battery life, non-touch screen, and durability. Posted via the iMore App
  • I'm going with a Pebble Time Steel. I don't need the gimmick-laden Apple Watch — at that price especially — what I need is a simple notification extension and GPS nav capability. Voice control (which the Steel has) is a good extra, so it's app support.
  • I don't know if it's considering switching, but I already have an iPhone 6 and making it my daily driver instead of the Nexus 6 and S6. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Hmm, Buy an expensive iPhone and and expensive Apple watch, when Motorola offers much of the same connectivity with the X and 360 at a much much lower cost. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Fiber in Nashville? Save me based Google.
  • Not a shot in hell. Originally when they were both announced I was thinking about it. But for now I will stick with my windows phone and my Microsoft band! At least if I ever do swith phones I can keep using the band with whatever I choose. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'm using my Band with iPhone 6+. I'm really liking the Band!!
  • NO as a matter of fact i just switched away from my iPhone 6 Plus because of Tim Cook's political comments. Not buying another Apple product
  • LOL! I hope that Google and Microsoft don't express the same opinion as Cook, or you won't have a platform to use. /smh
  • exactly, tolerance, openness and all that stuff, gross. Let's hope Microsoft/Google don't share that stupid sentiment. DoyouFanBoyBro isn't having any of that.
  • You people are what's wrong with society today, your ignorance is literally dangerous. "Tolerance" I don't see Tim Cook speaking out towards the nations that he does business with, do your research and see how some of the countries Apple deals with handles issues with females and gay rights
  • I never stated that I agreed or disagreed with Tim Cook. I only said that you wouldn't have a platform to use if Google and Microsoft took the same stance as Cook. Then who would be the ignorant one?
  • Who said i cared about that? My principles are simple. the CEO of a tech organization needs to be focused on his job as CEO, making sure his company is putting out great products and innovating. NOT getting his nose involved in a local families BAKERY in Indiana, the pandering here with CEO's these days is disgusting. Same with Starbucks, I want a cup of coffee not to hear about race relations. If Microsoft or google come out and make a statement anytime from now until the future i'll do the same thing with them. I can live with a flip phone if i have to, not a big deal.
  • what you're not taking into account though is that in today's world there's only so much you can 'change' about foreign countries. It's the same in politics. Look at what Russia have been up to as of late, it's barbaric and grossly unfair, what they do is despicable in every right and YET civilised countries have diplomatic relations with them, their leaders shake Putin's hand as if nothing was going on behind the scenes. Same with China. They don't give a crap about the dignity of humans, hold enemies of the state prisoners and all. Does that mean that other states refuse to talk (business) with them? No. Cutting all ties to these countries doesn't solve any of the problems. Where you can do something however is on your home turf. And that's what politicians do, and it's also what influential leaders (Cook) of companies can do. And why wouldn't they? Let's say Cook refused to sell his products in a country that doesn't adhere to his own moral compass... what would that change about the problems in that country? Nothing. It wouldn't go anywhere. And because he can't change foreign countries' rules he also must not speak up about issues he can actually influence on the home front? Don't think so. I don't see the hypocrisy frankly.
  • You better avoid Google, they have the same stance on diversity, no clue on MS though
  • I don't care about diversity? what gives you that idea? you're all confused on the Indiana cake baking issue simply because you're all morons. Simple as that. I'm against forcing a business into a contract it doesn't want to do, doesn't matter what the reasons, a business should be able to pick and choose whom it gets into a contract with.
  • I hope you like using abacusses, because Alan Turing was also gay.
  • No. I won't do any of the Android offerings, either. I'll be glad when it's released so everyone can see how stupid they look while using them in six months. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Why would an Android user switch to iOS for the Apple Watch rather than stay on Android and use Android Wear? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • hmm preference...just off the top of my head.
  • That's cool, for me when I saw the guided tour video's I got excited for the Apple Watch.
    I have a moto and it's nice enough but I was 'Wow'd' after the guided tours. I'm going to try an apple watch.
  • Apple Watch is different from Android Wear and some people might like it better.
  • Eventhough I use both iOS and Android; I will not my buy an overpriced apple watch while I can use our buy android wear products. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Aluminum Apple Watch is in no way over priced.
  • I'm planning on switching to the Apple watch in order to impress pretty girls with my "digital wallet". Sarcasm. Kidding. Already an iPhone user. Not certain if I will get an Apple watch or not.
  • I'm actually considering switching back to Android after 6 months with an iPhone 6 Plus despite the Apple Watch's impending release. I gave up Androids flexibility and customization for the promise of stability on iOS. Instead, I've just run into the same issues that people said iOS users don't encounter. Sent from the iMore App
  • What issues?
  • The main issues that I've run into on both platforms are application and browser crashes which are happening frequently on my 6 Plus. Safari constantly has to reload webpages while I'm reading them because it "encountered a problem", or so the error message says. And random applications crash frequently with no rhyme or reason. There are also some issues I've encountered with the 6 Plus that I never had with Android. The hotspot seems to take forever to actually be discoverable, if it even works at all. Despite upgrading to the newest version of iOS, Spotlight Search still doesn't seem to display installed applications in some cases.. They keyboard lags several times a day when I'm typing on in it. So I'll type a message and it doesn't recognize my taps, then all of a sudden it catches up and all of the letters I typed show up in rapid succession. I know iMore published an article on this recently, but the Safari redirects to the app store are infuriating. There are also a lot of times when I open up the App Store and nothing loads. I'm just staring at blank white space. This isn't to say that iOS doesn't get a lot of things right, it's just not a platform that "just works" in my experience.
  • you picked a bad time to switch. iOS 8 and including 8.3 is the buggiest OS apple has ever released. but, so is 5.0 on android. that's why 6 months after release, 99% of android phones don't have it yet or are "just" now getting it.
  • One of the best reasons to chose one or the other is open OS w/ android or the Apple one that is regulated. For me I was so sick of malware on a phone, it rubbed me very badly, so I've enjoyed the iPhone without any issues. However if you prefer an Open OS you should switch.
  • No need to switch for me since I already have the iPhone 6+. Have my alarm ready to pre-order. Cannot wait to see the awesome things Dev's come up with in regards to the watch. I love the idea to be able to multitask more if I am using my phone for something else I can use my watch to do a few simple tasks.
  • be careful making those statements all the Android lovers might descend on you. After all it's ok to make an opinion as long as it's one in support of what they think. Anything different warrants telling you how stupid you will look using it or how stupid we are for spending our own hard earned cash on something WE want. pssst got my alarm set too ;)
  • That is OK I dont care what others say. We all have an option and opinion. Thanks for the advice though. Good luck on Friday. :-)
  • Baaaaaa Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • You Android fans really do go out of your way to dispel the stereotypes. /s
  • Rene: What would have been more convincing would have been a side-by-side comparison of the Apple Watch versus, say, the Moto 360 or the LG G Watch R. Of course, if you do so, you will see that the only real differentiator (beyond the usual VERY SUBJECTIVE AND OFTEN SELF SERVING "Android versus Apple" arguments) is the NFC chip.
  • That will happen I am sure once the watch is available to do that.
  • does any Android Watch have a crown to navigate? Pretty certain that's not the case. And it's quite the differentiator (As we will undoubtedly find out once all Androids will start adopting crowns).
  • You don't navigate with the crown on the Apple Watch either... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • except you do navigate with the crown. Perhaps watch some videos first. Archaic is a nice word, but I cannot help thinking of the iPod and the wheel/click navigation, which also was made fun of at first.. and then became huge. We can't really say if it adds to the experience until we've handled it ourselves, but I do think that it makes a lot of things easier (just like a physical home button on an iPhone/Pad) does. It's a tiny screen on your wrist, why not add more than touch functionality to make navigation more intuitive. I'm still pretty confident that the next Samsung Gear will have its own version of a Crown, just saying.
  • The digital crown seems very archaic. It's a step backwards as opposed to Android Wear which is optimized for swipe based input.
  • What would you want to see compared? What the videos for both products, they're very different.
  • I have a feeling that there are watch makers working on their own versions of force touch and digital crown right now. I'm sure Apple has it patented, but Xiaomi or Samsung probably wouldn't hesistate to duplicate that technology.
  • Already got the 6+ and love it. Laughing at the Galaxy S6 by the way. Looks vaguely familiar...but that's another topic. I'll get the watch but probably one of the Sport editions for my wife and I to start with as they're a bit pricey and they're all functionally pretty much the same.
  • Why are you laughing at the Galaxy S6? People need to stop the "Apple copied Samsung / Samsung copied Apple" B.S. They all copy each other, it's how it's always been, it's how it'll always be. There's literally only so much you can do when it comes to the physical design of a smart phone.
  • And with Samsung, that "so much" is to blatantly rip off the design of Apple's previously released iPhones...happened before, happening again, will happen again. Only a matter of time before there's another lawsuit.
  • You must be referring to the similarities between the Samsung Ativ S from 2012 and the Galaxy S6. Now that I think about it, the iPhone 6 also bears quite the resemblance to the Ativ S which is from 2012. Sent from the iMore App
  • You must be referring to the Ativ S that copied the iPod Touch. Sent from the iMore App
  • Hmm, then are you giving Samsung credit for inventing a time machine too since they'd have needed one to copy the iPod Touch? The 5th Gen Ipod Touch (I presume this is the one you're referring to) was unveiled by Apple on 9/12/2012. The Ativ S was unveiled by Samsung on or around 8/29/2012.
  • Never...ever switching to Apple products!
  • Respectfully, may I ask why you don't like Apple products?
  • I was like that until I started using them.
  • Me too. Sent from the iMore App
  • Me three. I basically thought they were over priced and for the masses or iSheep. I may have even used the term iSheep before. I tried out The iPod when all my other mp3 players kept breaking on me. I had a Dell DJ, and it broke, and Dell wasn't really much help. Actually my Dell laptop fell apart too. I also got fed up with dealing with tech support. I bought an iPod, and it grew from there.
  • I was just curious because there's isn't much why. I mean I think there are valid reason. price, aesthetics, a desire for more customization. Maybe there's a political stance though not exactly sure what that is. Maybe you don't want a computer you can't expand. I personally went ten years on a pc for some of those reasons, it was cheaper and i could build what i wanted and repair just what i needed rather than buy a new computer. I also wanted access to more computer games. I didn't want an apple computer for a long time. I did want an ipod though. I currently don't want an apple watch, or a mac book, or an apple tv, but i like the macbook air and the macbook pro retina though they could all have more ports and an affordable price if you asked me. Me i started with apple products. Well actually i started with an Atari computer but then we had a apple computer.
  • I have used iPhones, iPods, & various Mac desktops. There are numerous reasons why I won't use Apple again...some mentioned in other replies here. I won't go into the long list.
    Just a couple of reasons...I don't like the way the company markets itself...I prefer the variety available in Android devices...I believe my phone is superior and it suits my needs perfectly. "Apple faithfuls" will remain "Apple faithfuls" and I am cool with that. I most simply embrace the philosophy of Android, "Be together, not the same." THAT tagline is marketing genius.
    AND: I can't imagine why someone would switch to iproducts simply for a wearable.
  • quite the stretch to understand your motivations on an Apple centric website then.
  • Seeing as how we were invited here by Rene (he's making quite a habit of it lately) it's not too much of a stretch, really.
    And, seeing as how you're in a thread clearly aimed at non-Apple users, the same might be said for you.
  • +1 Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Oh snap. Problem is that you still need to type in first. Why would anyone that, I quote, "never ever [intends to] switch to Apple products" do that in the first place. Unless that person wants to troll the comment section of course. I own some of those infamous products and am curious about Apple watch articles. Which makes my presence here way less inflammatory, like it or not.
  • The article popped up in my newsfeed. I was curious to see responses. I didn't "type in first." In general, I dismiss any "i" articles but I also like to see if there is some overwhelming argument to persuede me to change my opinion. I'm not close-minded. I did not, however, expect some people to respond as though I am trying to insult them personally. It's my OPINION.
  • What if Apple is the last source on future earth for oxygen? You'd literally suffocate rather than breathing Apple air? Sounds far fetched to me! :)
  • If Apple was the last source for oxygen, I'd be screwed. I have no ideological qualms against buying oxygen from Apple - in fact I'd be very willing to. But I'm sure they'd charge so much for it that I couldn't afford it for long, and I would eventually suffocate.
  • I bought the 6+ when it came out because of the bigger screen and potential of the watch, then when the price point of the watch came out and realizing how crazy the walled garden of iOS/OSX was I got deflated so I'll be switching back to Android as soon as possible (August for me).
  • I have an iPhone 5s not the 6 or 6 Plus. Probably will go to Android I haven't quite decided yet. But Apple's poor intergration with iCloud photos is dissappointing and with Googlg's apps already installed I notice that they intergrate between my iDevice (have an iPad Air as well) better than Apple's apps especially iCloud photos. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah the iCloud photos is a mess currently.
  • I've read every post here. So far not a single response is "i'm switching to iphone because of the apple watch." I saw one guy switching because iPhones have larger screens now, but the remaining responses are all, (a) no, or (b) i already have an iphone thus i'm not switching back. But considering it's imore i'm not exactly surprised but i'd be surprised if the iwatch is a big driver of people to iphones. But i also don't know how you'd even measure that. Maybe new phone purchases and new lines started at the same time as a watch purchase.
  • I think the impact will be measured thru surveys and iPhone sales curves eventually... But this product is a version 1 product. It is for the early adopter iPhone fans first and foremost. The "Mark II" version of Apple watch will be the true "smart watch for the rest of us" kind of deal (like iPhone 3G/3Gs, or iPad 2). So it's probably going to be a while before people see the Apple watch as one of the reasons to get an iPhone over something else (my 2 cents of course).
  • Well i think to be accurate as to the impact of the watch on iphone sale's you'd need more than raw iphone sales curve because iPhone sales may go up or down for more reasons than a watch and iphone sales curve can go up or down based on people that never buy a watch. It could go down because of a bad market or people waiting for a new version. It'd be wrong to blame a quarterly dip on the the watch. And maybe sales go up because the iphone enters a new market, or a new product cycle. To measure what was asked in the title, switching because of the Apple watch i think you need results from particular people with particular shopping patterns. All that being said i don't put it past anybody to make conclusive statements base on correlated events.
  • We get a lot of Android friends on our comments. Not sure Android Central gets a lot of Apple friends. Might be too busy using their iPhones?
  • Maybe, though to find out who is switching obviously it's gonna be non iPhone users whose response is most pertinent since obviously an current iPhone user isn't actually switching.
    Sidenote Pharrell posted a video of him having the Apple watch on his instagram.
  • iwatch? ;-)
  • This is ridiculous, Rene. Wearables are the one segment where Android users actually have the decided advantage. Yes, I'm buying an Apple Watch the day it comes out, but somewhat begrudgingly. The Apple watch is horrid looking when compared to offerings like the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. There's no killer feature in the Apple Watch that Android Wear doesn't do or do better, and the price points of the Apple Watch collection are laughably stupid. I love my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Air, but Apple is missing the mark with it's first wearable. The Moto 360 runs circles around this thing. I wish that Google would open Android Wear up for iOS integration, because I'd buy a 360 today if they did.
  • Just wondering why the Moto 360 runs circles around the Apple watch. My dad has android so just wondering why you think it is so nice.
  • He said it in his post. The Apple watch looks bulky and ugly compared to the 360 or the LG Urbane. I kinda wished Apple made their watch a circle.
  • Seems like he meant more. I prefer the square look because you can get more on the screen. I had a co-worker who had the LG one and he was showing it to me one day and the notifications seemed to be cramped on the screen and cut off part of the text.
  • Subjectively you might not like the shape or some other aspect of the Apple Watch, but objectively it's better made and manufactured than any other smartwatch on the planet, and many traditional watches as well. Might be worth your time reading what some actual watch blogs have written about it. Having used it twice in person, it's a really good looking device by any objective measure. It's also authentic to purpose, which in itself is laudable.
  • Google is rumored to be making an app that brings Android wear to IOS. I have a droid phone for work and a 360, it's nice, but I'd wait until the next gen for it If you are dead set on a 360. Check out the and/or forums and you'll find a few common problems that are no-go's. Mine is cracking some on the bottom near the watch band. It seems I'm far from alone on this. In my research I've found more functionality on the apple watch as advertised so far, but this is all choice, and no, there is not a headliner feature really, not one that other smart watches don't have.
  • Nope. I want an iphone, but not because of the watch. 18 hrs is pathetic battery life for a watch. A smartphone does better than that. Something should have clued them in on that really large problem. Maybe gen 2 or 3 will be something worthwhile. Generally, first gen everything stinks. Second gen devices are much better.
  • Historically Gen 2 Apple products always hit it out of the park. iPad 2, iPhone 3G, etc were all far superior to the 1st gen.
  • Already did. Left iPhone for windows phone. Loved windows phone. But loved iPhone more. As soon as Apple watch was announced I knew I'd have to switch back.
  • Ok I'm completely freaked out~ ! Did the Samsung bend Gate distract all of the Fan-Droid'Apple-Bashers? I haven't been able to read comments on an Apple Watch article without some idiot spouting inflammatory idioticy at every single Apple Comment. I almost miss the mean Fan-Droid'Apple-Bashers.... Ok that's a lie. ahhh peace
  • My take is that Apple's recent iPhone sales numbers (and financial impacts) have put the Apple-bashers in a sort of grief-like state. They most probably are thru the denial period by now. And hopefully - just hopefully - they are past the anger phase... which would be a well deserved rest from the hate and idiocy. (I kid, I kid...;)
  • Love me some Apple but CHILD NO! I don't wear a watches. Very 20th century. Maybe the 4th gen when they stop calling it a watch I'll get one. Sent from the iMore App
  • Not because of the watch, but because I have never had my privacy invaded by Apple the way Google obviously does with Android. First and last droid phone.
  • I'm currently using Android Wear, and I pledged for a Pebble Time Steel. I really hope Pebble manages somehow to hook the microphone of the Pebble Time to Google Now (running on the phone), because otherwise I'll probably go back to Android Wear. I find that, most of the time, voice commands are the best way to interact with a smartwatch.
    The Apple Watch isn't even on my radar. Too expensive, pitiful battery life, messy UI. I also find it ugly, but that's not a dealbreaker for me - both my current watch (Sony SW3) and my previous one (Pebble Classic) are ugly too. The only feature of the Apple Watch that appeals to me is Apple Pay, but that's not available in my country anyway.