Will your old case fit the new MacBook Air (Late 2020)?

MacBook Air (2018)
MacBook Air (2018) (Image credit: Luke Filipowicz/iMore)

Will your old case fit the new MacBook Air (Late 2020)?

Best answer: Yes. The M1 MacBook Air is the exact same size and weight as the previous model, so your cases for the last model will work just fine on the new MacBook Air (Late 2020).Entry-level MacBook with M1 chip: Macbook Air (From $999 at Apple)Clear protection: ProCase MacBook Air ($15 at Amazon)

New MacBook Air, same old look

The MacBook Air has gone through some minor changes in the past, but the new M1 MacBook Air and the previous Intel model that was released earlier this year have the exact same dimensions. Not only that, but they also feature the same design. meaning all the ports are still in the exact same places.

If you have a case for the MacBook Air that came out in early 2020, it will fit the new M1 MacBook Air that just got released.

2018 - 2019 MacBook Air cases

The dimensions MacBook Air (late 2020) are slightly different than previous 2019 and 2018 models. The new model is slightly heavier, but still very thin and light, clocking in at around 11.97-by-8.36-by-0.63 inches. While the older model had the same length and weight, it was only 0.61 inches thicker, making the new MacBook Air 0.02 inches thicker.

The good news is this slight increase in thickness doesn't affect the overall design of the MacBook Air, thus old cases can still fit the M! MacBook Air just fine.

A word of caution though, not all cases from all manufacturers will fit, it really does depend on the brand. Make sure you get one of the best MacBook Air cases to avoid any problems.

If you do need a new case though, there are plenty of options available on the market already, although the ProCase option we have here is one of our favorites.

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