Will your old case fit your new 2018 MacBook Air?

Will your old case fit your new 2018 MacBook Air?

Best answer: Maybe. If you use a soft carrying case for your current 13-inch MacBook Air, the new MacBook Air should fit in it just fine. If you use a hard shell case, however, then no, it won't.Amazon: Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve ($18)Apple: MacBook Air with Retina display ($1,199+)

Sleeves and similar soft cases should hold your new MacBook Air just fine

In almost every conceivable way, the MacBook Air with Retina display is smaller than the previous MacBook Air while still having a 13.3-inch display (ironically, the thinnest part of the MacBook's taper, the edge where you open the MacBook Air, is actually slightly thicker on the new model). It has 17% less volume than the previous MacBook Air, being shorter, shallower, and lighter than its predecessor.

Because of its new, small size, the MacBook Air with Retina display should fit just fine if you use some sort of soft carrying case or bag. It might move around a little more inside your case, but it will fit.

Tomtoc's soft laptop sleeve is a great option, and cheaper than Apple's case

Tomtoc makes an excellent laptop sleeve aimed at the previous generation of MacBook Air that should fit the Retina display model nicely. The best part is it's available for only $18 right now.

Meanwhile, Apple has a leather sleeve that'll fit both the MacBook Air with Retina display and the most recent 13-inch MacBook Pro. It's available right now for $179.

What about hard cases?

If you prefer to attach a hard shell or other size-dependent case to your MacBook Air, you're going to need to wait a little bit. Because the new MacBook Air is smaller than previous generations, companies will need time to develop and release smaller versions of their MacBook Air cases. We'll update you when some become available.

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