World-renowned collector to auction off one of Apple's most exclusive products

Apple 1 Auction
Apple 1 Auction (Image credit: The AAPL Collection)

What you need to know

  • Jimmy Grewal is a famed collector of Apple products.
  • The AAPL Collection is putting up one of its most prized items for auction to raise cash.
  • A rare working Apple-1 computer will go under the hammer in June.

Famous Apple collector Jimmy Grewal, owner of 'The AAPL Collection' has announced he will auction off his prized working Apple-1 computer to raise cash that will help create more opportunities for the public to see the rest of his collection.

The AAPL Collection announced last week that its incredible working Apple-1 computer, including a board signed by its creator Steve Wozniak, would be going up for sale on eBay with bidding starting at just 99 cents and no minimum price.

"I began collecting vintage Apple products in 1995 while studying at Duke University, but my interest in Apple and its products actually began forty years ago in Dubai when my parents purchased our first Apple computer," Grewal said. He went on to explain the proceeds from the sale "will be used to create more opportunities for the public to see the collection; either in the form of pop-up exhibitions or by the establishment of a permanent venue where it can be more easily appreciated by the public."

The Apple-1 in question is one of but a few that has all of its original components and still works, featuring a keyboard, monitor, and cassette player.

Several Apple-1 computers have gone under the hammer, fetching eye-watering sums of money including one that was sold in 2014 for $905,000.

One appraiser said the lot was worth between $464,000 and $485,000 "taking into account its historical significance, condition, and rarity, as well as the expected demand, with a bias towards the higher end of this range because of the additional articles accompanying the computer, and the fact that it bears the autograph of Steve Wozniak."

The lot is going live on June 2 at 9 am PDT on eBay, and will be available for ten days. In a bizarre turn of events, this is the second Apple-1 computer to hit auctions in the space of a week, with RR Auction also hosting an Apple-1 that is functional and hand-numbered by Steve Jobs. That lot has a similar price estimate and closes on June 23.

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