Xfanic In UseSource: Xfanic

What you need to know

  • Xfanic is a foldable desk stand and organizer for your MacBook.
  • The stand also has a hub, offering ports galore.

Nobody likes working at a messy desk so many people use a desk organizer. Others use a laptop stand. Wouldn't it be great if they were both the same thing? And what if that thing could be a hub, too? That's the $99 Xfanic and you can get yours via Kickstarter right now.

Well, not right now because the Xfanic won't be ready to ship until October, but the project has already blown through its funding goal with almost a full month to go before the project is complete. It's pretty easy to see why this thing is so popular as well, because as well as being somewhere to stand your MacBook while you work, it has all of the ports you'd expect from a solid hub, too.

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Those ports include a pair of USB-C ports capable of 100w USB-C Power Delivery as well as an HDMI port good for 4K at 60Hz. Then there's an Ethernet port as well, followed by a TF and SD card slot. Two USB-A 3.0 ports round out the collection.

Xfanic UsesSource: Xfanic

Xfanic is a foldable multifunctional USB-C docking station with a desktop organizer & laptop stand. It supports USB3.0 data transfer, HDMI, 4K HD video, PD 100W fast charging, Gigabit Ethernet, and SD/TF card reader. It can also be used as a stand or storage device for laptops, mobile phones, and iPad.

All of that comes in at $99, which seems pretty reasonable for something that's made of metal and looks pretty sturdy, despite its foldable design. You can order yours from Kickstarter now.

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