Yes, AirTags work with a 2014 BlackBerry...

Airtag Blackberry
Airtag Blackberry (Image credit: Will it Work?)

What you need to know

  • Apple's AirTags can be scanned by pretty much anyone if they've been lost.
  • Turns out that includes users of the 2014 BlackBerry Classic.
  • NFC on the device means you can use a BlackBerry to reunite a lost AirTag with its owner.

Apple's AirTags are designed to stop you from losing your stuff, but if you do a handy feature lets users scan an AirTag with NFC to reunite a lost one with its owner. Turns out, even 2014 BlackBerry Classic users can get in on the fun...

In a new video YouTube channel Will it Work? tested Apple's AirTag with a 2014 BlackBerry Classic to see if it would work, and lo and behold it did! That's thanks to the NFC chip in the device, which can be used to scan an AirTag to get more information about it. From Apple@

  1. Tap and hold the top of your iPhone or NFC-capable smartphone to the white side of the AirTag.
  2. Tap the notification that appears. This opens a website that provides information about the AirTag, including its serial number.
  3. If the owner marked it as lost, you may see a message with information about how to contact the owner.* You can contact the owner to let them know you found their AirTag.

In the video WIW also tested the BB10 OS with a USB Floppy Disk Drive and a DVD-ROM drive.

It recently emerged that Apple was warning AirTag customers not to use certain types of batteries that feature a bitterant coating with their devices, as these might not work properly.

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