Yeti Studio is an all-in-one audio recording solution

Blue Microphones has announced the Yeti Studio, and all-in-one audio recording system for your Mac. The system includes Blue's Yeti microphone, as well as software designed to get the most out of it. The Yeti mic lets you record with four different patterns to get the best sound whatever your need.

The bundle includes Studio One by PreSounus for recording, as well as Nectar Elements by iZotope for processing. Studio One gives you tools and workflows for quick setup and multitrack recording and editing. Nectar Elements can control volume levels, fix pitch problems, and more.

Yeti Studio provides custom templates for your various audio needs. There are templates for podcasts, vocals and guitar, interviews, dialogue, and voice over. The templates feature automatic track setup and sound processing based on your needs.

You can purchase Yeti Studio from Guitar Center (opens in new tab) and Musician's Friend (opens in new tab) for $149.99. Does Yeti Studio appeal to you? Leave your thoughts with us in the comments.

Source: Blue Microphones (opens in new tab)

Joseph Keller

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  • For the price, great vocal mic. Studio one artist is an easy program to use. Makes a great podcast mic. Serious guitar, and music, there are better microphones out there at similar prices, but the como of studio one is nice.
  • Those microphones are just gross. They don't *have* to look like a penis, and yet they do.
    They don't *have* to have a picture of a woman with eyes closed and mouth open hovering just over the "tip" of the microphone on their home page, and yet they do. Disgusting. I'm sure if they made one that looked like a vagina, everyone would be up in arms across the tech world.
  • I already have the microphone. I just want the software Sent from the iMore App