You can finally pre-register for Wild Things: Animal Adventures

Today, Jam City — the development team behind Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery — is opening up pre-registration for its upcoming game Wild Things: Animal Adventures. It's a match-three game with a bit of extra fun. Win big in your game to earn rewards and rebuild your animal friends' home.

Pre-register fro Wild Things: Animal Adventures

Match-three gaming is a highly popular genre for mobile devices. I could play them for hours. I especially love it when a match-three game incorporates a storyline with it, like Call of Atlantis or Candy Crush Saga. Wild Things takes this idea one step further by giving us a world-building mechanism. When you earn enough Magic Leaves, you can use them to fix the animals' deteriorating habitat.

As you fix more of the environment, you'll unlock new friendly characters that will be very happy when you've repaired their damaged habitats. You'll also get to know these furry creatures and find out what makes them special.

Your new animal friends will be used in the match-three part of the game, where they'll show off their special abilities, which will help you reach higher scores and earn more Magic Leaves.

This kind of game is right up my alley. I love the simplicity of a good old-fashioned match-three game, but find the idea of a full side story, complete with world-building fun, to be even more reason to spend a lot of time playing.

Let's not even mention how dang cute these adorable round animals are!

There is no word on the official launch date, but it's going to be available later this year as a free-to-play title. You can pre-register for the game right now. You'll be notified when it goes live. Pre-register players will receive a special bonus when the game launches.

Pre-register fro Wild Things: Animal Adventures

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