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What you need to know

  • Apple has added an opt-out toggle for subscription renewal receipts.
  • Usually, Apple sends a receipt to users each month for services like Apple Music and iCloud.
  • Now you can turn all of those off inside your subscription settings!

Apple has added an opt-out toggle for subscription renewal receipts, meaning you no longer have to be notified each month when you pay for services like Apple Music and iCloud.

As reported by 9to5 Mac:

Apple has added a new toggle to the top of the Subscriptions page on iPhone and iPad. By toggling the switch, users can choose not to receive email notifications every time a recurring In-App Purchase is charged.

It's a small feature addition, but may be welcomed by Apple users who have a lot of subscriptions.

As standard, Apple sends users receipts each month for payments made to Apple services and subscriptions, which includes things like extra iCloud storage capacity, as well as Apple Music.

If you've got a couple of subscriptions these emails can be tiresome, so now you can switch them off!

To do so, head to Settings>Select your Apple ID>Subscriptions, and then select the toggle that says 'Receive Renewal Receipts'.

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As the toggle notes, you can still access and view all of your receipts in your Apple ID settings via purchase history, this setting just means that they won't be pushed to your inbox each time you pay for them.

More recently, apps and services have started to push users towards subscription models in order to generate more revenue and engage readers. Subscription fatigue is now pretty real, but at least with Apple's new feature, you won't be reminded about all of the money you're forking out each month. Ignorance is bliss, right?

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