You can now play holochess in Star Wars: Jedi Challenges without the expensive AR headset

Last year, Lenovo launched an AR headset that, in collaboration with Disney's AR game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges created an interactive experience that fans have always dreamed of. Now, you can experience a small part of that fun by playing a game of Dejarik (AKA: holochess) on your iPhone, no AR headset required.

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You can play the full 18-level game, accessing all six planets and unlocking all eight playable creatures.

Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges adds ARKit compatibility with this update. Users with an Apple device running iOS 11 can now experience the magic of augmented reality directly from their mobile device. Access the full Holochess game mode from Star Wars: Jedi Challenges including 18 levels across 6 planets and 8 unlockable creatures with unique special abilities.

You start the game training with the computer assistant. You'll learn how to move and attack and what each creature can do. After training, you'll start playing against the AI for keeps.

Each time you win a match, you'll open up new levels, and then new worlds. Whenever a new creature is introduced to the game, if you defeat the computer, you'll unlock it and it'll be added to your playable game pieces.

You can only play AR Holochess in Jedi Challenges. If you try to access the rest of the app, you'll be asked to connect your Lenovo headset and accessories. Sorry kids, no lightsaber battles.

This update is probably a way for Lenovo to generate more interest in the full experience. I've always wanted to try out the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges games, but couldn't bring myself to invest the $200 the full AR headset, lightsaber, and tracking beacon costs.

Now, I can feel like a true rebel scum as I sip my Corellian Twister and play a game of Dekarik (is that too much?).

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is only compatible with iPhone 6 and newer, excluding iPhone SE. You can download it on the App Store for free.

Free - Download now

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