You can now watch YouTube TV on your big screen with this new app

YouTube TV
YouTube TV (Image credit: YouTube)

Back in April YouTube launched its new television streaming service YouTube TV, which offers live streaming content from traditional broadcast networks and several cable channels for $35 monthly. Originally, the only way you could watch any YouTube TV content was by using a Google Chromecast. However, today in a blog post YouTube announced that it has released a new native YouTube TV app built for a wide array of TV devices.

According to YouTube, within the next few days the new app will only be rolling out for the Xbox One family of devices, Android TV devices like NVIDIA SHIELD, and TVs with Android TV built-in, such as Sony. However, within the coming weeks other versions of the app will be released for smart TVs such as LG, Samsung, Sony, along with Apple TV and Roku.

Though you'll be able to find the YouTube TV content you desire in the same way as you would on the mobile app, there will also be a few new features:

  • New ways to control the interface: In the new YouTube TV app, you'll now be able to control your live TV experience with your TV's remote control or game controller.
  • Dark background: For a more cinematic look, YouTube has made the menu background dark on your TVs.
  • Revamped Live guide: The YouTube TV app's Live guide is made for your big screen so you can more efficiently get a sneak-peek at what's airing soon.
  • Background playback experience: Never miss the action with YouTube's background playback experience built for your TV.
  • Multi-device streaming: Easily pick up where you left off on another device when you get home.

If you don't already have a YouTube TV subscription, you can sign up for a free trial and try it out today. If you don't have a smart TV, don't worry — you can still use YouTube TV on your iPhone or iPad.


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