You only get one amiibo for Mega Man Legacy

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

The release of Mega Man Legacy Collection 1&2 has come to the Nintendo Switch, and there is some great amiibo content to pair with this newest game. Surprisingly enough, there is only one amiibo you can pair with this game currently. It's a simple amiibo to get your hands on, and it's the only one you need in order to unlock goodies within the game.

When Nintendo released this same game for Nintendo DS, they only had this amiibo available for that game as well. It only makes sense for them to carry that along to the Nintendo Switch and have the same effect on this game. Although you can only use a single amiibo, it's great to have secret unlockable content that other players without that amiibo wouldn't have.

Mega Man Mini amiibo

The Mega Man amiibo is the amiibo of choice when it comes to unlockables in this game. This amiibo may be mini, but it unlocks great surprises with this game. When you use this within the game, you unlock 11 extra levels that you wouldn't be able to play without it. This is great if you're looking for the completionist route of this game or if you just want to spend more time with Mega Man himself.

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