You'll soon be able to redeem your My Nintendo Gold Points in the Switch eShop

Nintendo eShop
Nintendo eShop (Image credit: iMore)

Did you know that you are earning My Nintendo reward points every time you buy a game for the Switch? Every time you purchase a game for Nintendo Switch, whether digital or physical, you earn Gold Points. You can also earn Gold Points when you make digital purchases for games in the eShop for 3DS and Wii U.

You can redeem these points for special software, like skins for your 3DS, wallpapers for your mobile device or computer, and Prima mini guides for popular games.

Starting in March, you'll also be able to use these precious Gold Points to purchase software from the Nintendo Switch eShop. This will include redeeming points toward digital game purchases.

The Gold Points you earn are based on how much money you spent on a game. Physical games reward significantly lower Gold Points than digital games.

Physical games reward you 1% of the cost of the game while digital purchases reward you 5% of the cost of the game. One Gold Point is equal to 1 U.S. cent.

For example, if you purchase a digital game for $59.99, you'll earn 300 Gold Points. If you purchase a physical game for $59.99, you'll earn 60 Gold Points. The digital game rewards you $3.00 in eShop purchases while the physical game rewards you $0.60.

With your Gold Points stocked up, you can then hop over to the eShop and redeem them toward more games!

Gold Point redemption in the Nintendo Switch eShop will launch in March. There is no exact date, but I'll be sure to let you know when it launches.

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