Most Nintendo Switch owners will admit its kickstand is a joke and pretty much useless, but how many will do something about it? The AmazonBasics Playstand for Nintendo Switch lets you use your Nintendo Switch as intended, and today it's at one of its lowest prices in history at Amazon. For just under $7, you'll score the best price this stand has reached in over a year, and have a much easier time setting up your console to play in Tabletop mode.

Switch It Up

AmazonBasics Playstand for Nintendo Switch

Quit relying on your Nintendo Switch's built-in kickstand. The Playstand was built to properly hold your console and even adjusts for a few different viewing angles. It's risen a bit in price since our original post, but it's still worth the cost!

$7.92 $11.99 $4 off

Playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate with others in tabletop mode can be quite a pain without a proper way to stand up your console. With the Playstand, you'll be able to keep your Nintendo Switch sitting upright and stable throughout every match. It's even adjustable, allowing you to find the best viewing angle possible in any situation.

You won't have to choose between playing or charging, as there's an opening where you'll be able to plug in your Nintendo Switch to a power source while it's sitting on the Playstand. It even offers helps your console stay well-ventilated to prevent overheating. Its lightweight design is collapsible to make packing it away for travel even easier, while non-skid rubber feet help to keep the stand in place while it's being used on a desk or a table. AmazonBasics also includes a one-year limited warranty with its purchase.

Shipping at Amazon is free on orders totaling $25 or more, or with an Amazon Prime membership. If you're set against signing up for a free 30-day trial of Prime, our guide to the best Nintendo Switch accessories in 2019 can help you find a few more items that are worth adding to your cart, like a screen protector, a carrying case, or a portable battery charger. A microSD card is essential too.

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