YouTube Music on iPhoneSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • YouTube Music's 2021 recap is now available to all.
  • Subscribers to YouTube Music can now enjoy their 2021 recap after Google made it available to everyone.

YouTube Music subscribers can now join in with Spotify and Apple Music users by enjoying a recap of the music that they listened to during 2021. While the feature has been rolling out to people over the last day or so, it's now available to all.

The recap was announced yesterday but as 9to5Google points out, it's now officially available to everyone with an account. All people need to do is head to the avatar menu and tap 2021 Recap.

This year, YouTube Music is taking you on a journey through your year in sound with 2021 Recap, a first-time experience that will bring you fun, shareable stats, and a personalized playlist to help you relive all your favorite music from the past year. Whether Dua Lipa had you "Levitating" for hundreds of plays or Olivia Rodrigo was "good 4 u" for thousands of minutes of listening, the 2021 Recap lets you explore everything that made your year in music uniquely you.

The feature is similar to ones already offered by competing streaming services, but it's good to see it now available to YouTube Music subscribers as well. While few would suggest that Google's music streaming service is the best iPhone option around, it's definitely a viable one.

Google also announced a Hits of 2021 playlist, a compilation of the songs that "made an impact in 2021" on YouTube Music during the last 12 months.