YouTube Music on iPhoneSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • YouTube Music now allows people to turn their play queue into a playlist.
  • YouTube made a change server-side and no new app update is required.
  • The change should be live for everyone right now.

Those using YouTube Music can now take advantage of a feature that allows them to turn their current play queue into a whole new playlist.

The feature, which is available to all YouTube Music users now, allows people to ensure that their play queue isn't lost and to save it as a playlist for easier listening in the future. While the change was made server-side, 9to5Google does note that you will need the latest YouTube Music app installed. At the time of writing, that's version 4.61 or later.

If this capability seems familiar, it originated in Play Music. The YouTube Music version involves adding songs or albums to your queue. Afterward, opening Up Next from the Now Playing screen reveals a new "Save" button underneath the top tabs. (Next to that, you'll also notice a "Playing from" header that notes your current playlist or album.)

From there, you get the standard "Add to playlist" pop-up that lets you add to an existing collection ("Recent" or "All") or create a new one. It will hopefully also work on single song-derived radio queues as YouTube Music occasionally creates great mixes that were previously a pain to manually save.

While most people are likely Apple Music and Spotify users, Google's YouTube Music is still one of the best iPhone music-listening apps around. Google continues to improve the app that people use to stream their music and updates like this are very welcome indeed.