Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution for Nintendo Switch — Booster Pack Guide

Nintendo Switch and Yu-Gi-Oh cards
Nintendo Switch and Yu-Gi-Oh cards (Image credit: iMore)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is out now on Nintendo Switch, and with it comes access to over 9000 cards from the popular trading card game (TCG). But it's not like you'll get 9000 cards to start with — you need to spend time playing the single-player campaign to earn Duel Points (DP) to spend on booster packs.

But what's in each booster pack? What's a good pack to start with if you want to build a custom deck to use instead of the iconic Story Decks for each campaign duel? Fret not, fellow Duelists! We're here to help.

I would highly recommend starting the campaign with the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series, and then going in order from there. Not only will you start with the basics (and then work your way up), but there are some good archetypes that you can get with just the booster packs from the original series, such as Red Eyes Black Dragon, Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Dark Magician.

Since there are over 9000 cards total in the game, we probably won't be able to list every single one here (there are also other resources online for that). Instead, we'll cover the archetypes and what kind of cards to expect in each pack.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Image credit: iMore)


Grandpa Muto's pack is the cheapest of the bunch, costing only 200 DP (everyone else is 400 DP). While most of the cards in here are junk, but you will be able to find the Gravekeeper's archetype, Exodia the Forbidden One cards, and some magic and trap cards.

  • Exodia archetype
  • Gravekeepers archetype
  • Basic Link monsters
  • Skill canceling cards
  • Field Spells

Mai Valentine

Mai Valentine's main focus is the signature Harpie Lady cards, but you'll find other femme fatale archetypes in here as well.

  • Harpy Lady Archetype
  • Amazoness Archetype
  • Guardians Archetype
  • Basic Insects and Insect Support
  • Summon Sorceress


Bakura's pack is a bit of a mixed bag. You'll find some Toon cards, zombie monsters, and counters to the Egyptian God Cards.

  • Toons Archetype
  • Agents Archetype
  • Basic Zombies and Zombie Support
  • Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode
  • Destiny Board Cards
  • Basic Fiends and Fiend Support

Joey Wheeler

This is personally my favorite, as you'll find support for the Red-Eyes Black Dragon archetype. There's also Jinzo archetype, warriors, the "Mask" archetype, and Ritual Monsters.

  • Red Eyes Black Dragon archetype
  • Jinzo archetype
  • Incantations/Ritual Cards and Support
  • Aura Support

Seto Kaiba

Kaiba is well known for his favorite card, the Blue Eyes White Dragon. It's no surprise that his pack contains a lot of support for Blue Eyes, as well as the XYZ Dragon Cannon archetype.

  • Blue Eyes White Dragon Support
  • Thunder Dragon Archetype
  • Heralds Archetype
  • Cubics Archetype
  • Fairy Tales Archetype
  • ABC Union Cards
  • XYZ Union Cards

Yugi Moto

Yugi's signature card is the popular Dark Magician, so not surprisingly, you'll find the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, as well as support cards in Yugi's pack. There will also be the Black Luster Soldier archetype, Gaia, and Magna Warriors.

  • Dark Magician Support
  • Buster Blader
  • Gadgets Archetype
  • Magna Warriors Archetype
  • Black Luster Soldier and Gaia Support

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Image credit: iMore)

Alexis Rhodes

Alexis Rhodes is the pack to get if you are interested in the Nekroz archetype, Gemini cards, Cyber Angels archetype, Solemn Judgement, and a few Forbidden/Limited cards.

  • Cyber Angels Archetype
  • Nekroz
  • Archfiends Archetype
  • Gemini Archetype
  • Dark Scorpion Gang
  • Solemn Judgement
  • Several Forbidden/Limited Cards

Bastion Misawa

Bastion's pack contains the Vampire archetype, along with Dark World archetype, Elemental Lords, Dinosaurs, and more.

  • Dark World Archetype
  • Elemental Lord Archetype
  • Vampire Archetype
  • Basic Dinosaurs and Dino Support
  • Frog Archetype
  • Darkest Diabolos

Chazz Princeton

The Chazz pack features the Ojamas archetype, Spirit monsters, and more.

  • Ojamas Archetype
  • Armed Dragons and other LV Support
  • Arcana Force
  • Spirit Monsters

Syrus Truesdale

Syrus is known for Cyber Dragons, so you'll find them in this pack. There are also Roid archetype cards, Volcanics, and a few other archetypes.

  • Cyber Dragon Archetype
  • Cyber Dark Archetype
  • Roid Archetype
  • Volcanics Archetype
  • Cloudians Archetype

Jesse Anderson

The Jesse pack is the one you want for Shaddol support, along with Crystal Beasts, Fairy Tale support, and Venom and Worms support.

  • Crystal Beast Archetype
  • Koa'ki Meirus Archetype
  • Venom and Worms Support
  • Fairy Tale Support
  • Shaddols Archetype

Jaden Yuki

Jaden is the hero of this series and well-known for the different HERO archetypes. You'll also find Winged Kuriboh support and more.

  • Elemental HERO Archetype
  • Evil HERO Archetype
  • Winged Kuriboh Support
  • Destiny HERO Archetype
  • Neo Spacian Support
  • Yubel
  • Masked HERO Support
  • Super Polymerization

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

Tetsu Trudge

The Tetsu pack has the popular SPYRALs, Six Samurai, and more.

  • Goyo Guardian
  • Six Samurai Archetype
  • Karakuri Archetype
  • Ice Barrier Support
  • SPYRAL Archetype
  • Alien Archetype


As Yu-Gi-Oh! evolves, it introduced hand traps, which are cards you can discard from your hand to counter actions taken by your opponent. You'll find plenty of them in the Leo/Luna pack, along with several different archetypes.

  • Handtraps
  • Jurrac Archetype
  • Machina Archetype
  • Dragunity Archetype
  • Vylon Archetype
  • Morphtronic Archetype
  • Symphonic Archetype

Akiza Izinski

This pack has Reptiles and support for them, Black Rose Dragon and Plant support, Psychics, and more.

  • Gusto Archetype
  • Reptiles and Reptile Support
  • Lightsworn Archetype
  • Psychics and Psychic Support
  • Black Rose Dragon and Plant Support

Jack Atlas

You'll find Red Dragon Archfiend support here (different from Red Eyes Black Dragon), along with Resonator Tuners, Fortune Lady archetype, and more.

  • Red Dragon Archfiend Support
  • Resonator Tuners
  • Ally of Justice Archetype
  • Infernity Archetype
  • Batteryman Archetype
  • Fortune Lady Archetype

Crow Hogan

Into Nordic Gods, Fabled, and Black Wing archetypes? You'll find them and then some in Crow Hogan's booster pack.

  • Black Wing Archetype
  • Naturia Archetype
  • Mist Valley Archetype
  • Fabled Archetype
  • Nordic God Archetype
  • Laval Archetype

Yusei Fudo

The popular Stardust Dragon archetype is in Yusei Fudo's pack, along with some other archetypes.

  • Junk Archetype
  • Stardust Dragon Support
  • T.G. Archetype
  • Earthbound Immortals
  • Malefic Archetype
  • Meklord Archetype

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexel

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Image credit: iMore)


Looking for Ghostricks? You'll find them in Cathy's pack, along with Subterrors, Bujin Support, and more.

  • Ghostrick Archetype
  • Train Support
  • Evolsaur Archetype
  • Hazy Flame Support
  • Subterror Support
  • Madolche Archetype
  • Bujin Support
  • Fire First Archetype
  • Tour Guide Cards
  • Droll & Lock Bird


Noble Knights, Heroic Champions, Gimmick Puppets, oh my! You'll find these archetypes, along with a few more, in Quinton's pack.

  • Gimmick Puppet Archetype
  • Heroic Champion Archetype
  • Mecha Phantom Beast Archetype
  • Noble Knight Archetype
  • Artifact Archetype
  • Chronomalie Archetype
  • Wind-Up Archetype


Want Galaxy-Eyes, Heretics, Evilswarm, and Inzektor archetypes? They'll be in Kite's pack, with a few others.

  • Galaxy-Eyes Support
  • Photon Archetype
  • Heraldic Beast Archetype
  • Heretic Archetype
  • Steelswarm Archetype
  • Evilswarm Archetype
  • Inzektor Archetype


This pack is perfect for those who want a deck of aquatic Water-type monsters, like the Sharks/Fish/Penguin support, along with Mermail archetype, Atlanteans archetype, Weather Painter archetype, and more.

  • Sharks/Fish/Penguins Support
  • Mermail Archetype
  • Atlantean Archetype
  • Battlin' Boxer Archetype
  • Weather Painter Archetype
  • Geshki Archetype
  • Gorgonic Archetype
  • Dragon Ruler Archetype


Yuma is the main protagonist of the Zexal series, and like Yugi, focuses on spellcasters. You'll find the Gagaga archetype, Utopia cards, and Spellbook archetype here.

  • Utopia Support
  • Gagaga, Gogogo, and Dododo
  • Number XYZ Cards
  • Spellbook Archetype

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V


Warrior fans will enjoy Gong's pack, as it contains the Superheavy Samurai archetype, along with Psy-Frame, Crystrons, and more.

  • Superheavy Samurai Archetype
  • Shiranui
  • Scrap Archetype
  • X-Saber Archetype
  • Windwitch Archetype
  • Speedroid
  • Psy-Frame Archetype
  • Crystrons
  • Prediction Princess
  • Triamids
  • Fur Hires
  • Flower Cardians


The Zuzu pack holds the Frightfurs, Ancient Gears, Predaplant, Lunalight, and other archetypes, if you are looking for them.

  • Frightfur Archetype
  • Melodious Archetype
  • Ancient Gear Archetype
  • Gem-Knight Archetype
  • Lunalight Archetype
  • Gladiator Beast Archetype
  • Predaplant Support


The incredibly OP Zoodiacs are found in Shay's pack, along with Ninjas, Phantom Knights, Sky Strikers, Paleozoics, Gears, Traprix, and much more.

  • Raidraptor Archetype
  • Phantom Knight Archetype
  • Magical Muskateers
  • Ninja Support
  • Sylvans
  • Burning Abyss
  • Stellarknight Archetype
  • Paleozoic Archetype
  • Sky Striker Archetype
  • Super Quantum Support
  • Gears Support
  • Zoodiac Archetype
  • Constellar Archetype
  • Traptrix Support


The Declan pack contains cards for incredibly powerful decks like D/D/Ds, True Draco, Monarchs, Kozmos, and more.

  • D/D/Ds Support
  • Amorphage Archetype
  • Mayosenju Archetype
  • True Draco Archetype
  • Monarch Archetype
  • Mythical Beast Archetype
  • Dinomist Support
  • Igknights Support
  • Kozmos Support
  • Qliphorts Support
  • Elder Entitie Archetype
  • Kuiju Archetype
  • Zefra Archetype


As the main protagonist of the ARC-V series, you'll find Performapals, Odd-Eyes, basic Pendulum support, and more.

  • Performapal Support
  • Astrograph Support
  • Odd-Eyes Archetype
  • Supreme King Support
  • Nephthys Support
  • Basic Pendulum Support


Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Image credit: iMore)

VRAINS is currently still ongoing, so there is only one booster pack (Playmaker) in this series for now. It essentially contains all of the new archetypes that were introduced since the original release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist back in 2015 on other platforms.

  • Cyberse
  • Goukis
  • Trickstars
  • Altergeists
  • Rokkets
  • Borrels
  • Topologics
  • Vendreads
  • X-Krawlers
  • Orcusts
  • Crusadias
  • Salamangreat Archetype
  • World Chalice
  • World Legacy
  • Tindangle
  • Mekk-Knight Archetype
  • Saryuja Skull-Dread
  • Link Support

A good starting point for beginners

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Image credit: iMore)

I know, with all of these different archetypes, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you're new or just returning to Yu-Gi-Oh! after a few years and haven't been keeping up with the meta of the trading card game.

I think a good way to start in Link Evolution is with the first series, as it is not too complicated and you can get some good cards to make a solid deck with to get through a good chunk of the campaigns.

Personally, I would recommend starting with a Red Eyes Black Dragon deck, as it is the one I'm currently using to get through the story duels. I'm in the GX series now, and it's still holding up well. Just keep going for the Joey Wheeler packs until you get enough to make a solid deck, and then continue to perfect it before moving on to another deck build.

The gist of the Red Eyes deck revolves around the Joey's signature Red Eyes Black Dragon, and you'll have a ton of cards to quickly get it out on the field through Special Summon (Red Eyes Baby Dragon, The Black Stone of Legend, Return of the Red-Eyes), and keep it out there, along with other Red-Eyes cards.

It's not hard to swarm the enemy with a lot of high-level Red Eyes cards in the first few turns, and it will be hard for them to get rid of your dragons, especially if they can keep coming back. Get the Xyz summon, Red-Eyes Black Flare Metal Dragon out, and your opponent will take 500 points of damage to their life points anytime they activate a card or effect until they can get rid of it.

The Red-Eyes deck is pretty strong and should be beginner-friendly, and will help you get through the story duels quicker. The Blue Eyes White Dragon can also be quite strong, and the Dark Magician is quite fun to play.

Just keep playing to earn that sweet DP

Yes, the game has a lot of cards for you to collect and use in decks. I mean, there are over 9000, for cryin' out loud! That leaves a lot of possibilities for decks and play styles, but how do you get that DP to get those booster packs? It's easy: just keep playing the game.

Once you have a deck that you're comfortable using and can win through story duels without much struggling, just keep using it. Getting through story duels, especially the earlier campaigns, should be a breeze if you have constructed a decent deck (keep it as close to 40 cards as possible for best results). As you duel, whether you win or lose, you'll get DP. If you just keep at it, then you'll have a lot of DP saved up, and then you can just go wild in the Card Shop. Just have an idea of the kind of cards you're looking for, whether it's to improve your current deck or make a new one, and keep going for those packs.

Then when you're out of DP, just duel some more. You know the drill: lather, rinse, repeat.

It's time to duel!

I hope that this guide helps some of you when it comes to determining which booster packs to get. With over 9000 cards available to collect in the game, the possibilities are quite literally endless here, and there's a lot of room for experimentation.

Have any tips of your own? Share them in the comments!

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