ZENandTECH 2: Sleepy

Georgia and Rene kickoff ZENandTECH episode two by talking... sleep -- what it is, why it's important, and what it does to your body and your stress levels if you don't get enough of it. We've got some app and gadget suggestions to help you sleep better, and some exercises to bring it all together.

Read on for the topics, our big Nexus One give away, exercises, our tech (and zen!) picks of the week, and more!


  • What is sleep?
  • What is good sleep?
  • Why is sleep important


Congrats @carpathia16, you're getting a Nexus One!


  • Make your sleep habits regular
  • Try some sleep tricks to help get to sleep


  • Continue your basic breathing, 8-12 times a day if you can
  • Start a sleep journal

Tech Pics

  • Sleep Cycle tries to measure how active (or inactive) you are during your sleep and wake you when you're likely to be the most refreshed.
  • FitBit is a great gadget for both sleep and exercise, if you don't own a smartphone or want a specific device for just this job.

Zen pics

  • A really good pillow, bedding, and mattress. You spend around 8 hours a day in your bed, get something that makes that time really comfortable.


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