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What you need to know

  • ZENS' has announced that its new Liberty charging mat is now available to pre-order.
  • The 16 coil wireless charger is the closest thing we have to Apple's once-promised AirPower charger.
  • The devices will start shipping this month.

Dutch accessory maker ZENS' has announced that its Liberty 16-coil wireless charger is now available to pre-order.

Announced back in August, the ZENS Liberty Wireless Charger is the closest iteration we have of Apple's AirPower charging mat, which was teased by Apple but never released due to overheating problems.

ZENS' Liberty Wireless Charger features 16 overlapping charging coils, which means you can place any wireless charging device on it in any position. Usually, most wireless chargers have a center "sweet-spot" that you need to get your phone to lineup with to charge successfully. Liberty brings freedom of placement, and the ability to charge up to two devices. Prices start at 139 Euro ($155), and the Liberty is available to pre-order now with shipping taking place in January 2020.

There's also a rather fancy "Glass Edition" that features a transparent surface so you can see all of those fabled charging coils, it really is something, and brings a great artistic spin to the useful device.

Liberty GlassSource: ZENS

You can also purchase an MFi (Made for iPhone) certified Apple Watch USB-stick charger, so you could theoretically charge two devices and an Apple Watch. It has 30W output (or 2x15W) so it supports both Apple and Samsung Fast Charge tech. If you don't use the Watch stick, you can charge an additional device through the built-in USB A port. In the box you'll get a braided cable, as well as power adapters for EU, UK, and US.

The ZENS' Liberty Wireless Charger is available to purchase now!