The ZENS Liberty wireless charger promises some of the AirPower magic we never got

What you need to know

  • ZENS has a new wireless charger that delivers some of the charging magic Apple's AirPower promised.
  • You can charge two Qi-enabled devices anywhere on the mat.
  • It uses a complicated 16 overlapping coil system to make the magic happen.

When Apple unveiled AirPower in the fall of 2017, we were given a glimpse into the wireless future that was for naught. It was canceled 19 months later. Though canceled, that wireless charging dream is not dead and ZENS, a dutch company, has delivered the closest thing to AirPower yet.

First spotted by MacRumors, the ZENS Liberty is a wireless charger that lets you charge two Qi-enabled devices anywhere on the mat. That's much different than the multi-device wireless chargers we've seen that use a two to three coil system. Its solution for this is a complicated array of 16 overlapping coils that deliver an output of 30W.

As an added bonus, the charger also comes with a 2.4A USB port to charge an extra device. The charger will be powered by a 45W power adapter that connects to a USB-C port. The overall quality of the mat screams premium with an aluminum body and a stealthy black finish.

Much of the function the ZENS Liberty offers is what Apple promised, at a reduced level. It was reported that AirPower would have between 21 and 24 coils and charge three devices at once—the iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. However, that idea proved to be too ambitious as it contributed to overheating issues and ultimately led to the cancellation of the project.

The ZENS Liberty will go on sale in November for $139.99. There will also be a special edition version that comes with a see-through finish that shows off the complicated coil system for $179.99.

Danny Zepeda