Review 3: Star Trek Into Darkness

Review 3: Star Trek Into Darkness

Take a bunch of tech geeks who also happen to enjoy scattering their atoms across the galaxy, put them in front of mics, hit the record button, and what do you get? Another impromptu episode of the Federation's favorite podcast, that's what.

Join Guy English, Georgia, Clayton Morris, Derek Kessler, Bryan Bishop, and Rene to talk Star Trek Into Darkness. From plot holes to set pieces, lens flares to bikini flashes, Kirk to Klingons, we're nerding out over, and nitpicking, JJ Abrams' second take at Trek.



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Rene Ritchie

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Review 3: Star Trek Into Darkness


It's still bothering me that the conversation about yelling out "Kahn" [Wrath of Kahn] completely overlooked the fact that Kirk was "acting" - he was feeding Kahn false angst to further deceive him into thinking he had Kirk beaten and left for dead... Do you not remember the whole scene between Spock and Savik about a "lie"... "an exaggeration" because according to Star Fleet regulation they were not supposed to transmit non-cryptic transmissions when their channel was being monitored?

Whew... Finally, some peace. xD