AirDrop wireless sharing coming to iOS 7 on selected devices

Having been rumored leading upto WWDC 2013, Apple has officially announced that AirDrop wireless sharing will indeed be coming to iOS devices with iOS 7. The big caveat is that due to hardware requirements, it will only be available on iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad mini and iPad 4.

AirDrop on iOS works much the same as on OS X -- in that users nearby that have AirDrop will show up on your device, and you can send items such as photos to them with a simple tap. The other device taps to accept and the file transfers. Pretty neat.

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Reader comments

AirDrop wireless sharing coming to iOS 7 on selected devices


Team Jailbreak

Same way normal AirDrop only allows WiFi (yes I know that it's called AIRDrop, but still, GigE is faster) until you do a terminal command, I'm sure there will be a Jailbreak for that.

iPad 3 doesn't have the wifi hardware to be able to support it. What do you want them to do? Magically update the wifi hardware on you iPad?

Wow, I have been waiting for Airdrop on i devices, I was really excited until they excluded iPad 3. I don't think Airdrop is a good enough reason to drop a chunk of $$ on a new iPad though :(

So I can use AirDrop between different Macs and I can use AirDrop between different iOS devices -- but I still can't swap files between a Mac and an iOS device…?! Too bad, that's actually what I was hoping for…

Negative. Only latest gen. iDevices with the new wifi hardware are supported: iPhone 5, iPad 4th gen., iPad mini, and iPod touch 5th gen.

I'm in the same boat with my iPad 3... guess I'll be sticking to jailbreak or 3rd party options :-/

So now the issue with Bluetooth transfer should have closed am I right? People were toting that iOS devices could not share files but this should settle that. But does anyone know if this is only for pictures? Or does it also include videos, PDFs, and other formats?