AirDrop wireless sharing rumored to be heading to iOS 7

One week out from WWDC and the latest iOS 7 rumor claims that we may see the AirDrop wireless sharing system integrated into it. AirDrop is a super easy way to transfer files between two Macs, with its simple drag and drop system, and now sources claim that AirDrop is integrated into the standard share menu in iOS 7. It comes by way of 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman:

"Sources say that the AirDrop functionality is currently integrated into the standard iOS share menu. AirDrop will work between two iOS devices and potentially between an iOS device and a Mac. The feature will make it easier than ever to transfer, for example, a photograph or document from one person’s iPhone to another person’s iPad."

Of course, nothing is final until we've seen iOS 7, but luckily enough we're just a week out from that happening. Rumors are just that, and features in testing can just as easily be removed prior to launch. AirDrop would be a welcome addition to iOS though, would you guys use it if it came?

Source: 9to5Mac

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AirDrop wireless sharing rumored to be heading to iOS 7


The real revolution would be that iOS7 lets you drop documents wirelessly in the app you choose. I don't see Apple (and seriously, I hope they won't) dropping the sandbox in any case. So, if this is true, we may only get that service for first? Opening up would be an unprecedented move for iOS, and would save us a few trips to and from Dropbox.

would I use it? I've been saying this should be in iOS since iOS 6. They have the wireless sync to iTunes and are talking about cutting the cord. Except everytime I want a picture on my phone or iPad I have to hook up to the USB cable. I know I could use Photo stream but it would be so much easier to launch AirDrop and send the pictures to the computer that way. They have the similar thing in iPhoto on iDevices to beam pictures between each other.

Sharing movies would be great. Even if there is a time limit on it. People I work with are always sharing them on their s3's

Are both of you missing the point? ^ This would be a killer feature, effortless file transfer between anyone with an iOS device or a Mac. I still see people /bluetoothing/ files to each other on Android phones occasionally.