Alleged photo of iPhone 6 front leaks, showing larger screen real estate

iPhone 6

A photo has been published on a Chinese forum, claiming to show off the larger front panel of the unannounced iPhone 6. According to the account which uploaded the image, what we're looking at is an iPhone factory. The iPhone 5s is also featured in the photo to act as a comparison, illustrating the increase in display size of the reportedly new front panel.

While it makes sense for Apple to up the size of its display in the next iPhone, we can't help but take this image with a grain of salt – and we strongly urge you all to do the same. Unfortunately, that's all we have from the photo and there's not much else to go on.

Whether this product actually becomes the iPhone 6 is yet to be seen, but would an iPhone this size do it for you?

Source: it168, via: 9to5Mac

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Alleged photo of iPhone 6 front leaks, showing larger screen real estate


Why would you carry two phones??, and pay for two services?, man you must love to waste money.

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Its not a waste for everyone. I carry two phones also & it works for me because its what i need. What works for one may not work for another!!

I think Apple should rethink the Touch ID/home button business. The home button is easily accessible now because the phone is small. It is comfortable and works well using only one hand. On a big phone our hands are positioned somewhat differently. Additionally and here is where I put my grain of salt, stretching Roche current design doesn't make for a very nice looking phone. It's bezel mania.

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Especially because there have been no make hardware changes since the iPhone 4. Put the 4, 4S, 5, 5S next to each other and they all look pretty similar. I hope the next iPhone introduces a new appearance

The next radical change will be with translucent or size/shape changing phones, don't expect anything to blow your mind till then. The current form factor and build style is highly functional for today's technology and any changes will be iterative to refine and make the current technology the best it can be.

My wife and teenage son saw this photo and said "that's way too big." I hope Apple keeps a 4 inch model somewhere in the line up. I'm surprised that was their reaction, but I don't think they're alone in feeling that way.

I agree. My iPhone "works for a living". (I've probably watched less than 20 videos on a smartphone since '07). The 5s is close to the perfect size to carry all the time. (but I would't be disappointed if Apple came up with double the battery in a 5s half the thickness).

They have the 4 inch model in the line up now, so why upgrade to the bigger one if happy with current size as long as you will upgrade to iOS8 ? :)

I really hope this isn't the Iphone 6. I was hoping for a bigger screen but with roughly the same footprint. This just looks they took the easy route and simply just built a big iphone.

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Am I the only one that can see Apple do with this EXACTLY what they do with the iPad line? Same internal specs, different screen sizes, $100 price difference for the larger screen (and potential battery life difference).

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I do want a bigger screen such as this but not necessarily a bigger phone. It would be nice to see Apple reduce the bezel on sides. Edge to edge screen would be awesome, but even just a small reduction of bezel would make a nice difference I think.

It's just not doing it for me. If Apple goes larger they have to do something about those bezels. I know that round home button is iconic for apple, but I need function over form at that size.

Because the round home button isn't functional? I mean it's not like your thumb won't be able to easily access the home button if the phone gets bigger.

Agreed I had an idea the bottom bezel could be reduced to about the height of the home button and about half of the bottom bezel would be Touch ID enabled with the button centered and also introduce swipe gestures and this way you could touch anywhere that is comfortable to use Touch ID and going backward or forward in applications would be universal and easier especially with the larger display without having to reach in the top left corner.

As long as apple keeps the home button, they aren't going to be able to do much to keep size down with larger screen. Those huge bezels will stick around and it will be larger for 4.7" sort of how the Htc one(m7) was much larger than other 4.7" phones.

Man I dunno.... I kind of love the actual size of the entire iPhone now. It's easily usable with one hand. Hopefully bigger screen doesn't just mean 5 icons per row.

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Think about when filming was done on Star Wars Episode VI - They leaked mis-information about the movie they were making calling it Blue Harvest. Magicians' number one secret - mis-direction. They could easily have made one to distract what is really going on.
"All I said is speculation and not fact".

I certainly hope that's the rumored 5.5" iPhone 6 and not the 4.7" version. Way too big.

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"Damn Tiny Elvis, that son-of-a-bitch is HUGE!"
Hell no!!! I'll buy a crappy flip phone and carry my iPad Mini when my 5S dies if there isn't something closer/same as current iPhones!

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Like the article says, grain of salt... But I'm really hoping this is a leaked photo of the 5.5" version because if the is 4.7" then that is as big as I can go Apple. Also, I'm REALLY hoping that the iPhone 6 gets a major redesign (and not just a larger screen).

Reading others' complaints/wishes, etc. I definitely agree that the bezel needs to be slimmed down for a phone that size. However, the home button is iconic and honestly I would welcome that then a capacitive touch or whatever it is the competition is using nowadays.

I think the easy way to increase the screen, add a new design and keep the classic home button would be for Apple to maybe curve the back? I think that would allow for "easier" one-handed use at this size. I don't mean a complete return to the 3G/3GS days, but rounding off the corners (especially) will definitely help.

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This is why I always say that people are never happy!!! Some want Apple to bring big screen to the iPhone 6 and others who wants Apple to stay with the 4 inch screen size.. I think that 4'7 should be the next screen size, other than that it will be very difficult to use with only one hand, just like the Note 3 from samsung. Since I got the HTC One (M7) last year I think that's the perfect screen size for any smartphone. And I'm saying this because I owned the HTC One (M7), the Note 3, the LG G2 and of course the iPhone 5S... After using any of the first three device I mentioned it is kind of difficult to see the icons on my iPhone 5S. I don't want any iPhone with 5'5 screen but I would love to have at least 4'7

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thats not a phone, thats a god damn brick. all we need now is dom jolly shouting hhhhhhheeeeeelllllllooooooooo, hhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeelellllllllllloooooooooooo

please apple, maintain the current size as an option for the iPhone 6

That's why they will have two different sizes, to appease everybody, but give me the larger size!

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Hopefully!!! But you couldn't do your mystic meg impression, look into your crystal ball and tell us the lottery numbers while your there as well could you?!?!?!?

If it's got a 4.7" screen it'll be just about perfect for me. 5.0" would be OK as long as bezels are kept to an absolute minimum. But I don't think I'd want a phone bigger than that.

I would like to see an iPhone with next to no side bezel. This may be a knockoff or what not but the last couple of years these "leaks" are on point. I'm not worried though, I am positive Apple will do a bigger screened iPhone right.

Nope! Keep the 4" screen please! it is almost too big for me! Just triple the battery, i'm ok if its a little thicker

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I love it. It would def be about time. Personally a 5" screen would be perfect for me (give or take). This is why I'm exited about the 4.7 rumors. For those who still want 4", you'll be left with the 5s for at least one year.

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I'd consider going back to an iPhone for 2 things: a slightly larger device that sits a little wider in my hand, and a more customizable keyboard experience, either through 3rd party apps or an editable custom dictionary.

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